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Hello again,just wanted to post this to let you know that I am still feeling positive.I told you the other day that I went to a C.A.R.M. meeting and felt better afterwards.Well,that is still the case and I am still feeling the anxiety but when it starts to build I laugh at it and tell myself all is well and nothing will happen.It is working for me and I want it to work for you to.Please look for groups in your area and go along to talk about your issues,I know that it is hard for some of you to go out but do try,it has really helped me.Take care.

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Glad to hear you have found something that is working for you. What does c.a.r.m stand for?


That is really good news. Well done!


Well done


Yep - What is CARM and how does access local groups?


So happy that you have found something that is helping you Like other people have asked what is carm never heard of it.

Good Luck

Love Seyi xxx


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