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Busy day x

Hi all x how are we ?

Just popped on to have a moan as usual and ask how you all are. I've been having a busy day. After kids had gone to school decided to give the kitchen a dettol blitz:) then on to polishing and hoovering every room.and rearranging the ornaments to try and see if it annoyed me, if they were in new positions. Juggled this with constant phone calls from my mam who was in crisis mode ( when is she never) and trying to load the washing machine and tumble. Was no surprise really when I realised the washer was going around with a few ornaments in it !! At least they are clean now lol. And not broken bonus :)

Then this afternoon I had a cake to bake, a promise to my 6 year old nephew for his birthday :/ Wish I could say no to people sometimes. Im sure they put on me as they know i'm a soft touch x

ON top of all of this had a meeting with my sons health visitor for his school care plan which took 2 hours x not that im moaning the lady who comes Liz is great x she talks to me about my past and such and just listens to me moan x

So busy but good day x apart from the hubby with another annoying habit I can add to the list, halfway through a conversation and he walks off!!! I hate that, he says he thought i was finished!! yep im finished and my mouth is still going x

Anyway hope you all have nice evening xx

Donver xx

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Hi Donver,

Wow you have been busy!

How did the cake turn out and what cake is it you made?

Nice to come on here and have a rant best thing to do I reckon.

hope you are finding some time to relax now and have a nice evening. Gardener X


Hi Gardener x Busy keeps my mind free lol. If that makes sense, I made a bog standard sponge with jam and buttercream x and covered it in green icing an popped curious george on top lol. Will keep him happy.

I love coming on here to rant, and help and just see what people are doing, it keeps me sane . :)

I'm relaxin now :) Hope your evening has been good to xxx Donna


Hi Donver

That was a busy day :o

Well I have put some things in the washer before today but never ornaments , they seem to wash up well from what you have said , wondering now if I should give mine a quick wash :-D

Hubby walking away while you are still talking & saying he thought you had finished translates into

They are sick of listening to us & dont think we will notice they have walked of !

Think they all do it :-D





Hi Whywhy x

Busy is good. Chilling is better lol. They did wash well my ornaments, was a new one for me to. Luckily it was 2 little cheapy ones the kids bought me from wilkos lol, think i would of cried if my willow trees had gone in xx

Ah good point well made, never thought of it as he was sick of listening, I mean i'm nice to him I listen, well pretend to :) I must nod in the right places as he aint twigged yet lol xx Donna x


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