Hate waiting:(

Hate waiting:(

Trying to remain positive and focus on up coming holiday, finding it hard at time to concentrate at times... I'm waiting for results. I've had some good support from a new friend over the last few weeks which I'm so very grateful for:) Just need that letter... Like now!! Need it to be over with. I know worrying about it is no help at all but fear is hard to contend with. Well that's where I'm at... Hope all is good with you guys xx


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3 Replies

  • Hi

    Love your new pic , she is a sweetheart , I believe like her Mum :-/

    Me to with this waiting game , in fact its made me think & I have come to realize when I have to have things done , thats not the actually fear , the fear I have is waiting for the results & thats way I would rather not have anything done so I dont have to go through this bit , if that makes any sense

    I cant wait for that letter to come for you either , I no it will be fine , but I no its harder when its you that is having to deal with this , I bet they have looked at them by now & because there is nothing wrong you are in the not important tray waiting for a second class stamp to be put on :-/

    Try & focus you will have it soon & that lovely holiday to look forward to :-)




  • Haha yes whywhy it makes perfect sense:)) xxx

  • It is so difficult waiting for results. Where are you going on holiday? x

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