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Peace x and obsessive hubbys:)

Hi all x Hope we are all well, its always nice to come on here and rant and clear my chest x and im always thankful for the advice I receive. Some of you on here are amazing with your advice:) Nice to know we anxious nervous nellies stick together

lol. Most anyway x

Well what a night x im knackered after only 6 hours sleep and that being broken. The moving , well now moved neighbours didn't clear the rest of the junk from there garden till early hours so I got to bed late, and found the hubby watching a film which kept me awake till almost 2am. Kids always ensure you have to be up early x even though the hubby let me stay in bed till 8am:) lucky me lol. Tonight Im quite happy to stay up late no matter how knackered, as ps i love u is on x and frankly no excuse is needed when gerard is involved. :)

Im enjoying my peace, ship is safely moored for the night, trying to keep the demon thoughts at bay x although if the rain carries on I may need it x The hubby has gone to bed, phew he has been worried all day , it seemed when we awoke this morning the ex neighbours had removed half of the big fence we had put up between our semi detached houses, nice considering we paid for the wood:/ The fact they did it so late at night shows they knew it was wrong. Im not to fussed but the hubby is worried as the garden is now exposed. We have kids come in and pinch things, and as i have hundreds of bushes with little twinkle lights wrapped around them he thinks they will go missing x Plan of action new fence tomorrow :/ Although might I add its been nice to worry about other things than anxiety for once :) xx

So thats my boring day lol, but nice boring :) xxx

Donver xx

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Hi Donver

Well what can I say , not a bad day considering , by the sounds of it

Oh I feel for you with that fence & yes doing it at night shows they knew they were wrong , why do they have to be some nasty people about I will never no & they get every where as well

Your hubby sounds like mine & would be worried over his garden , I hope you get the new fence up tomorrow & lets hope thats the last of them now !

Sounds like you are sailing on nicely though which is all good , I can hear even with a few waves you seem a lot calmer , maybe the neighbour going has helped with this

Hope you enjoy the rest of your film & get a good nights sleep





Hi whywhy, Nope I guess on the whole not to bad a day. :)

The fence will be sorted tomorrow I am sure he will not settle until it is x The problem is we cannot make the fence as it was, as its council property and it would be removed, so it means making our 3 foot fence higher :/ grr as this means removing all my ivy which has taken 5 years to get to where it is. The joys of some people, they do seem to revel in making others feel misery. Im just glad the stalking neighbour is gone lol, so I can accept the fence adjustment. :) Why my life was so interesting it seems we shall never know. Hopefully the new neighbours, as and when they come, will be ....well normal lol.

Ah bless though the hubby, he is a worrier. He likes to make things nice and will do anything for anyone,and I think he feels betrayed by the lack of trust of the ""old ones"". Hopefully this is the last as you say, they will get no more attention from me, waste of my time x

The film was great thanks xx Hope you sleep well to x

Donna x


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