The day started ok then bam

I was so thrilled and proud of myself that i'd had a good day at work even though its my busiest and worse day. So i got home and was taking the bin down the drive which is a slope, then all of a sudden i slipped and as I'm lighter than the bin it fell on my fingers i went over on my back and hit the back of my head, i obviously got up as quick as id feel before anyone saw me but i was left really shook-up and was shaky. I now have a headache. I'm now worrying about tomorrow as I'm in a meeting and don't know if i can concentrate. what do i do???? x


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  • Hi

    Bless you , that will have shook you up

    Have you put an ice pack on your head if there is any swelling & take some pain killers

    You will have a headache after that , but with a good nights rest fingers crossed it will have gone by the morning

    Try not to think about tomorrow , I no its not easy , but you will deal with it when it comes , you may need some painkillers tomorrow , or take some with you

    Let is no how you are & look after yourself this evening




  • Hi Whywhy

    thanks for your caring reply. I'm really ok now ,only two sore fingers which is the least of my problems. i had a good nights sleep and am at work now. I'm staying away from bins in future.

    speak soon x

  • Oh I am pleased you are alright , it sounded like a nasty fall & I no how you were feeling when you have had such a good day & then something like that happens & makes you feel like something always has to go wrong !

    Glad it didnt though & yes I would leave the bins to from now on :-/


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