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Been far to busy hope your all feeling ok Drama school starts back this weekend

Been to busy with work to go to the gym but I will get back soon anxioty has been ok but I've had a very stressfull few days but I'm on about a 5 so that's not to bad 10 being the worst day you can have also not been sleeping very well but I must get to the gym after my trip to the hospital for my yearly sleep apna apoiment and then a bit later to see the nurse for some talking stuff hmm I might even get chance to relax :-( no chance but on the bright side it could be a lot worse keep happy thanks for reading

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Hi Stu

Nice to see you are OK

You sound really busy , but as you say a 5 for you isnt bad :-)

Keep taking care of yourself & when you have time let us no how you are





Hi whywhy how are you hop your feeling great today the fact that the School goes back Tomorrow and I'm busy I'm not feeling to bad at all but I'm aware that I need to be mindful and have planned opening and delegating task to others

I've had great news today I've lost another 9lbs so down to 21 stone so that's 3 stone gone so far also my sleep apnea has improved as well and BP is down a bit so onwards and forwards


Oh Well done Stu , thats brilliant , I am so happy for you :)

And good for you as well , doing some delegating , keep letting us no how you go on , you should be feeling really proud of yourself & hope you do :)



Went to see my nurse she said you have all the information you need to get better she has said that I'm on the mend but it will take a while she also said that she feels that I do not need CBT and made me a cup of tea ! I had and enjoyed she also thinks that I need to cut my self some slack and have a couple of beers I might just make my wife a meal sat night and open a can or 2 of beer it's still. There the anxiety and I'm sure it will take a while but I get this feeling I've turned a corner

Lets hope I have a good day at the drama School


That all sounds so positive Stu! You really have set about making things better for yourself & it seems to be working brilliantly, well done!

Let us know how the school goes & if you have that beer or not ;)



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