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Coping with seperation/divorce

It's been a week since my wife told me she wanted a divorce and i understand all the reasons why and we agree. I have suffered from anxiety all my life , this is my toughest time , i feel alone and are having really bad thoughts the days are the worse . Just been to the doctors and he has put on sertraline and zopiclone sleeping tablets . I am 51 and it feels like its the end of my life.

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Sorry to hear whats happening in your life at the moment

Divorce is never easy to cope with , even when you agree it may be the right thing as none of us get married without believing its for ever

I have been through the experience some years ago & it was very hard , but even though this wont help maybe at the moment you will & do get through it , takes time , but you do

Once the meds start working , which will take a few weeks that will help with your anxiety

Oh & dont say at 51 its to late , have you not heard they say been in your 50's is the new 30's now :-/

Keep talking on here people will listen & help





Thanks whywhy , its so tough and i beat myself up about it , cause it was anxiety that caused this seperation , i cannot blame my wife and i understand .

Thank you your reply.



I can understand , how you want to beat yourself up over this

I have to say as I no you will still love your wife & I no we are not easy to live with , but we do say for better or worse & it wasnt your fault that you have anxiety , if you had suffered with any other illness , would she have stuck by you ? because this is an illness , but we can & do get better .

Please dont blame yourself , you didnt ask for this , I no I didnt get up one morning thinking , Oh what can I have wrong , I no I will suffer with anxiety & I am sure you didnt either

Take it a day at a time



Hey Dave

Just wanted to show you some support, any break-up is hellish and particularly Divorce, as Im assuming that you've been together some time!! I know it feels like the end of the world, but things will get better and you will find a brighter day!!

whywhy has given excellent advice, and she is so right, 30 is the new 50....... can you tell Im heading for that age??!!

Anyway just wanted to say youre not on your own, were all here to help you through!!

Get as much support as you can to deal with this!!

Love Ker x


Wishing you the best in the coming weeks

I don't know what I'd do without my OH...lucky this is my second bout and we got together when I was much worse...I agree with whywhy - even if I am having a lot of angst about my impending 3-0...just got to try to focus on the bigger picture and separation/divorce is sadly common these days - esp your age group with or without anxiety issues...

good luck



Do be good to yourself. I went through divorce... very painful but it does get better. If you ever want to talk let me know. By


Hello everyone , today is a very bad day for me , cannot why , started my medication so can it be the side effects already ?. Trying to relax but finding very hard , my minds a mess . Thank you listening



Hi Dave

You may have been better of doing a new post hun

I spotted this in the news feed , but once it drops of there , it wont get as noticed , so dont despair if you dont get to many replies , people will have just missed it

No I think you no as well as I do it wont be the meds , I have a meds fear but I no just one is not possible to give me side effects :-/

Our anxiety can search though for all different reasons & come up with these ideas why we feel like we do

Its early days with this big change happening in your life , you will maybe go through lots of different emotions & your mind will feel a mess at times

Even people without anxiety , when a divorce is happening feel this way , we panic more which is the difference

Anything you dont have to think about for now , when the thought pops in your head , tell it to go away , I no I do

Try & just let your head think of what is actually important within that day

Keep talking , you will get through this :-)





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