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Anxiety with depression....newbie


Sorry having different life events in my early life has left me with low self esteem and feeling like a worthless person. Anyway I was doing OK. Then in 2013/2014 I was diagnosed with depression. Things got better , life went on.

Then boom

About 6/8 weeks ago I started to feel ill again. Anyway this last week has been really bad and rang the samaritans.

Now diagnosed as anxiety with depression and off work sick.

So I need support , people to talk too, advice and somewhere to come with out being judged for my diagnosis.

Thanks for reading and looking to talking to you all.


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Hi Doglovingwife

No one here will judge you, dealing with anxiety/panic/depression is not an easy task, there's an amazing group of people here, all suffering with their own battle, we understand and care, I have found this forum very comforting and reassuring, I'm sure you will too, I too am experiencing a kind of relapse and am currently off work although I'm hoping to return next week when my sick note ends (more anxiety) :-)


Hi. Thank you. It's really hard. Plus I am the only one working so I pay all the bills. So that adds to my worry/painc/ anxiety.

I kind of found the page by accident but thinking it was fate. I think its a place to always come even when things feel better

I feel guilty too for being of work. It's only my 2nd sicknote in 11 years of working with the same company.

Life sucks sometimes I guess.

What are you suffering from if you don't mind me asking,?


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I'm in a very similar position myself being the main bread winner just adds to the pressure, ive been suffering from anxiety/panic/depression, its only recently that its raised its ugly head again, thought id got to grips with it (I should be so lucky) I'm taking fluoxetine and am waiting for some more therapy, and so the struggle begins again, its not easy but its not impossible either xx are you receiving any treatment? Xx


Last time in 2013/2014 I was on citralaprom. Not sure that's spelt right lol. Was giving my note last night and a different Anita depressant . Now on see sertraline. Plus have to ring to set up councelling and back to see doctor Monday for blood test as also have under active thyroid.

Anyway sending you a massive hugs right now as we all need hugs (_)

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Big hugs right back too :-) xxx


Aaww thanks.

Have a great day and remember your amazing xxx

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Am also suffering anxiety/ depression / panic attacks mine was all away for 2 years then came back last week due to lossing a baby but this time is relly bad a keep thinking am going to die all the time cant be botherd doing anything but a need to try as a have 3 kids that need me and my husband a also get relly sore heads to any help would be gd


Hey. Pleased to meet you. So sorry about your loss hun.

It's so hard to do anything. I don't have children but can only imagine the fight your struggling with having all the emotions/fears / thoughts and not motivation. Yet have to drag one leg in front of the other for the sake of the children.

Hang in there. Things will get better. Have you been to see your doctor and got some anti depression tables or anything.

Hugs xxx


Hi thanks for your comment no not whent to see doctor as am scared in case thay tell me diffrent have got a sore head it fells heavy my eyes hurt at back off them


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