Coping with unpleasant predictive thoughts?

Does anyone have any methods for coping with anxious, predictive thoughts? Everyday I make negative predictions about the future about things which may happen but haven't happened yet. Mainly including myself and my social status since I suffer from social anxiety. I worry about becoming depressed as a result of being rejected by society.


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  • im like that !!! always predicting my own down full !!! i havent as yet found anything except keeping busy ,but then that duznt always work sometimes wish i could just switch off !!!

  • Yes - constantly.

  • try downloading some hynotherapy from, i have seen positive effects in myself from using it. x

  • I am exactly like that! I hate walking down the street because i think people are making judgements on me...strange thought i know. I predict awful things happening to myself or people i know, which never happen of course. I wish i could think more rationally when things go wrong. I try to keep busy in a hobby i enjoy, reading or drawing work for me..sometimes..

  • have a look at mindfulness on the net or cognitive berhavioural therapy .. I like mindfulness personally and find it does help epsecially the deep breathing concentration exercise x

  • The cure for these thooughts is CBT (cognitive berhavioural therapy). I have had CBT and they deal with people like yourself who think negative about everything. CBT trains your mind to think positive instead. You go througth a set of exercises and situations and create a diary of your thoughts in a week. You will be suprised how effective CBT is. I got mine via my doctor on the NHS

  • All the time,but then I thinkthis the coreof severe anxiety

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