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Monday blues

Afternoon all!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.... Mine was rather mixed :(

One good thing is I definitely think it's the anxiety causing this dizziness.... Got dizzy in

sainsburys left sainsburys felt better!

Quick question does anyone get their anxiety symptoms when you don't feel anxious? Like my panic or symptoms will completely hit me out the blue at times and that's when I think it's not anxiety causing them...

I'm getting a bit fed up of it all now... I woke up this morning and had a bit of a what's the point moment which wasn't very pleasant :( x

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yes anxiety can strike anywhere at anytime. I feel like, fine one minute and then boom, this gets me thinking that it isint anxiety, and then the entire circle starts! xx


Hi fedup

Yes I can get anxiety when I dont feel I am anxious

When we have been anxious , anxiety sets the adrenalin going round in our bodies which can take days to settle & as we seem to have one day feeling good , another not so good it never really has chance to settle & that can be why when you are feeling fine , it appears , well that is how I think it works for me with all this

I am pleased you feel you are accepting this dizziness is part of your anxiety , its a step forward for you :-)





I have had dizziness for a year on and off mine is caused by psv or something like that it's called its crystals that everyone has in their ears they move and cause dizziness I have to lie flat then turn my head to the side lift it up for 20 second then do it both sides 3 times sounds mad but my consultant told me to do it hope this helps I do it when I feel dizzy


yes anxiety...hate it when your not thinking/doing anything particular then suddenly miss a breath, heart goes off on one, dizzy/lightheaded ect - very irritating >:(


Yep me too.. ive been wondering the same thing.. been feeling stronger I think as a result of consciously slowing things down at work then all of a sudden when doing somthing relaxing I.e watching tv feel horrib, ps I also seem to get anxious, dizzy, panicy in supermarkets


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