Overwhelmed by tremors and shaking

I have had anxiety for a while. Last severe flare up was 4 years ago and I was having the heart palpitations and severe fear that I had a heart problem. I got through it but this is different. This time it's neurological symptoms like shaking and trembling . The severe anxiety started after I had my baby a year ago but these symptoms started in May after I recovered from a bad virus(fever, sore throat, etc.) These symptoms don't just happen during panic attacks. They can happen randomly. I have tremors all over. In the mornings when I wake up and move I get a tremor/spasm in the back of my neck that last for a minute. Then it goes away. Randomly I'll have tremors that run through my body. I get a pins and needles feeling through my scalp. I can't nap or fall asleep because I start to get the sensations in the back of my head/neck. It's driving me crazy! I'm terrified I have the worst and so I'm looking it up online. I also shake when I work out. I can't stand this. One part of me knows its anxiety (and that I'm anticipating and probably causing my symptoms) but the other side thinks the worst. I've had blood work and doc says I'm healthy and it's just anxiety. My psychologist did a brain map on me and I have PTSD/OCD. Though I have proof I still want to run to a nuerologist to get checked for the worst. Has anyone had symptoms like this?? Can anxiety really do this? I'm so scared! I have yet to hear from one person who had experienced these things. :(


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  • Hi I've felt the shakes before and I felt like I was going to die. I had it for about 5 months . I don't have the feeling anymore just the anxiety with panic attacks which I try to control. I just prayed and started to workout which helped release stress . You'll be fine zoloft help too.

  • This has been going on for a few months now. It feels like it's never going to go away. The fact it did for you makes me hopeful! I do what you do too... Pray and exercise. Just not enough. :/ Something that helps me for times I had rough days and am worried about having a panic attack is tapping exercises. Psychologist taught it to me. Helps to prevent and stop them. YouTube "tapping exercises for anxiety". Sorry this is long, but helpful: I do the points on the top of my head, my forehead, the area to the right of my nose, right under my bottom lip, center of my collar bone, underarm(on bra strap), outside of hand (pinkie side), and then your wrist. It's pressure points. Tap those areas with 2 fingers while saying (at each point) what is making you anxious). Run through the motion again sayif what makes you anxious and then add "even though I'm scared of x, y, z," and follow with a statement of affirmation. If you gave your anxiety 1-10 to start it should be down to a 6-7, then 3-4 as you continue through the motions. Again that was long but super helpful if you don't already know it. :) take care!

  • Thanks I'll look into the tapping on YouTube for anxiety. Hope You Feel Better.

  • you are not alone i have also experienced all the symptoms u have said, when searching the net i came across an article on anxiery symptoms and why they accure, neurology symptoms happen because we worriers use our brains alot, and eventually they get worn out, trembling is the bodys mecinism to help it through hard times, ill try and find the web site and post it, it is truely amazing how much information in on it, it helped me alot, hope you feel betta soon xx

  • Thank you so much! I would love to read that article if you do find it. I get so overwhelmed and that's the clearest explanation I've heard yet! I woke up in such a funk and this made me feel so much happier. Thank you again! :)

  • Do you remember the wedsite? I want to read the article please 

  • You remember the wedsite? I want to read the article please 

  • anxietycentre.com/anxiety-s...

    have a look on this web site its helped me alot right at the bottom of the page they list symptoms, bodyly symptoms neurological symptoms ect x

  • Wow that nailed it! I clicked on the muscles that vibrate, tremor, or jitter and it described it perfectly! Thank you, that made me feel so much better!

  • Yes I regularly read that particularvsymptom on anxiety centre makes me feel better describes it perfectly!

  • I have tremors since the start of the year. I also have vibrations I have experienced them in my head, face, legs, feet and hands.

    Lately my main symptoms are in my legs shaky weak feeling in my legs. I think I would describe the feeling like after a really hard work out or after you got frightened. I also have shaky hands very often.

    These symptoms are really uncomfortable for me and not that I am happy you are going through this but you are the first person on here to post about it being a regular symptom and it makes me feel a little better..

  • That's exactly how I describe it too! What have you done about it? I'm about to start neurofeedback. If that doesn't help then I'm going to start taking an antidepressant. It's just freaking me out so bad that it had this much affect on my daily life! Do you feel some days are worse than others? I notice days I'm not working it's worse cause I'm stuck thinking about it.

  • Btw, make sure you read the link that sm31012006 posted on anxiety symptoms. It's spot on with what we're experiencing!

  • Wow I can't believe I've finally came across someone with this symptom! It does get better and worse. When I am completely distracted I barely notice it. And I find it is worse during pms actually all my symptoms and anxiety is worse at that time.

    I have been taking tissue salts the last 2 days and I'm not sure if it's placebo but I think it's helping. I'm taking the magnesium one and a nerve one at the acute dosage.

    What is neurofeedback?

  • Mine gets bad in the morning. I can feel it starting at night and I am scared I go to bed because of it.

    I'm taking magnesium too and that has really helped. I also drink a lot of coconut water cause of the potassium.

    I just started going to an acupuncturist (which I was really hesitant about doing) but it is amazing. I have zero anxiety during the session and actually fall asleep. Which is awesome cause I can't nap.

    I'm also about to start brain training(neurofeedback). They brain mapped me and it's clear I have PTSD and OCD. I had to have surgeries growing up that left me getting picked on that caused the ptsd. Anyways these are very detailed test. My brain is always on and can't relax. All on.

    I go into all this because there are usually no follow ups on these boards. I'll continue to check in and follow everyone up on my journey. That's a positive term for the hell it is.

  • I did acupuncture too only 3 sessions but it helped so much I would love to continue but here in Australia it is $150 a session. I will definitely go again though. I would love to read your updates :)

    Good luck

  • Sorry didn't see your last question. Here is a site that explains it.


  • I wish I could say to you that yes, I have had those symptoms, but I have not. I would encourage you, however, because your doctors have checked you out and find nothing obviously wrong. I do have one question for you though. Do you use any diet products with artificial sweeteners? In food of any type, in soda - in anything? The reason that I ask is that artificial sweeteners will cause or "mimic" neurologic symptoms. And those symptoms can be very severe. Now, lets say that you don't ... that is not an issue. Thinking back, I did have a strange reaction in the back of my neck and shoulders once when a doctor put me on Paxil. I think I took about 2 of the doses when it happened. I stopped taking the drug immediately - so, that makes me ask "are you on any medications?" If so, that might be something to speak to your doctor about. Anxiety can and will cause all kinds of things that are terrifying and make no sense. We, the sufferer, feel stupid and like we have no control over ourselves....it is scary and embarrassing. But mostly SCARY! Okay, we understand and accept that. Now we have to find a way to deal with it. Movement is the only thing that ever really helped me. So when I have a panic attack I do something - anything, that involves movement. Small steps, large steps, dusting, pacing and counting the steps, washing dishes (very therapeutic because the hot water is very calming and soothing) - I am sure you get the picture. Your mind will calm as the adrenalin subsides in your body. I hope this help in some small way. I am so glad you found the courage to post on the site. I am sure that other readers will have suggestions and help to offer as well.

  • I do put Splenda in my coffee. That's it. Have for a long time. I also take clorenzapam but only as needed. I was perscribed lorenzapam originally but stopped after taking 1 dose. It was crazy.. Made me feel weak in the limbs and trembly. I stopped immediately and they gave me clorenzapam. I've only taken it like 5 times in the past 2 months. I wonder if that is contributing. But I haven't taken one in a week and I still have these symptoms. How long would it affect me?

  • I haven't been on the site for a bit - sorry that I didn't see your response sooner. I have not had the meds you mention but one thing you can find out from your doctor or pharmacist is how long they last in your body. Probably not very long is my guess....like maybe 24 or 48 hours. But I would call my pharmacist and ask ... skip the doctor the pharmacist will have better info. Also remember that caffeine will give you the shakes....just a 1/2 cut and I am jittery for at least 2 hours. I would also tell you to use real sugar instead of Splenda ... I threw it all away after I found out what it does to your body. I use brown sugar crystals and only a small amount in my coffee now. I do use cream ... just a little. Anyway, I hope this finds you doing a bit better.

  • I am shaky constantly with like trembling feelings in my legs and a hard beating heart a lot of it is to do with the adrenaline that goes through our body when we re scared (fight or flight) however with anxiety our senses go into over drive and think everything is going to hurt us so we are always in the fight or flight mode,therefore, our body will react to what our brain is telling us so if you re shaky at work maybe even unconciously the work is worrying you and your brain knows it and your body reacts to it when I work my body is in so much pain all over. The trick is to relax I know not easy ha but so maybe do some meditation or get a mindfulness book or do a course on it and it will teach you how to deal with it also I do this technique called Bowmen read up about it I didn't think it would work tbh but it s better then a massage I come out and don't worry about anything for a few hours is amazing and it gets he trumurs your have experienced to get out of your body I have had many sessions where I started crying randomly and it brought up all this stuff but it meant after that I could let it go and slowly get over my anxiety. Just a suggestion.

  • I think you're right. I won't necessarily feel anxious at work but I'll start trembling. When I look back at it I realize I was worried and stressed. I went into a store the other night and became overwhelmed and before I knew it I was trembling. There are times I feel the adrenaline and times I don't. It's weird but I guess that's the nature of this breast. I'll defintely look up the treatment you mentioned. Thank you!

  • Anxious Amber have you tried to go to your dr and ask for a sleep aid plus anxiety med . Also try Dr Teals soothe and sleep body wash with Lavendar oil drops on your pillow and they also have Dr Teals Epsom salt for a bath then put on your favorite pajamas and lie flat on your back and let all the air out through your mouth with a whoosh then breathe in through your nose 4 counts and hold your breath 7 counts and out through your mouth with a whoosh and repeat several time and soon you will find your self sleeping The med my Dr put me on is Hydroxyzine and ask for 50mg and my dear you will sleep and when the body gets sleep it starts to repair itself and you :) Always always say your prayers too sweetie ;) Good luck and I hope this helps !!!

  • Hey there Amber! I've been dealing with terrible anxiety my whole life and it's terrible but, some of what you said is directly related to anxiety but some of the symptoms you are getting maybe a sign of another more serious problem ! I've been sick for years with a slew of neurological symptoms and felt with the onset of them over the years and I've seen some of the best Neurologists in the Country from California to NY,NY all the way to Florida and Texas so please sweetheart believe me when I say don't panic but you need a good neurologist and a C.T Scan as well as a couple of other tests as well but the CT and EEG are most important! Please let me know how you are and how you fair! Good luck and God bless .


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