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Distracted much lol

Hiya everyone,

Well I should be packing but have become distracted by playing with kittens and watching Come dine. It's a repeat, I've seen it, they are, as usual all knobs but hey, I'm addicted lol.

I might go put it on in spare room and pack my art room up. Need to do something productive at some point or ill stress myself out. Coffee and a fag first though lol xxx

Hope we are all feeling the best we can.

Love to all

Cookie xxx

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Hi Cookie

This isnt the time to become distracted now is it , you no they are knobs & as you dont like them & after the other night as well , which I am surprised you are still here , OH go gentle with you did they :-/ now is the time to pack :p

You no I love you & I am sure you will get the packing done in the only way you could do & no one else could as Cookie is unique :-D

Be good :-p





Thank you both,

I'm gonna have 1 more coffee, 2 fags and then get on with moving my carcass upstairs. I'll be ok once I get out of earshot of the tv lol xxx

I've got OCD with packing mate, everything in order, labelled, stacked so easy to access lol. OH just stays out the way which is a good thing as her idea of packing is leaving it till day before move, then launching everything into black bags. Xxx


Oh I wish I'd known you sooner. Two moves in 18 months had me demented, especially with a cat that had behind a built-in stone tv stand, flipping thing went in where the dvd player went & I couldn't get her. Waited 3 hours & she came out 15 mins before new people arrived!

Good luck with your move, let us know how you're settling in :)



I'd be distracted too if I had some kittens to play with, how old are they? Jules :)


I love watching the knobs on Come Dine haha, I've lost many afternoons watching re-runs I've already seen before! I hope you managed to get some packing done in the end, with the company of the Come Diners and the kittens :D

Katy xxx


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