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Keep Trying

Just wanted to say that I've been reading a few posts on here and some people are really anti-medication. That's fine, but I wanted to share my experience as someone who has chucked everything at my anxiety to try to make it reduce to a manageable level.

I started off just having Citalopram 20mg, it took a month or so to kick in and for the side effects to reduce down, then once I felt confident enough to go I started going to a relaxation class once a week.

After a month of that I started a Mindfulness class and a beginners yoga course. Both are really close by and both are really good.

I went to the Dr last week and he is pleased with my progress (I have high blood pressure too, and over the time period I've mentioned my BP has gone from 135/93 to 125/76 which is brilliant).

I feel loads better, other things I've done to help myself are as follows (some are a bit weird, sorry!): not watching the tv, walking the dog a lot, avoiding too much caffeine, actively trying to be nicer in my attitude to myself, listening to relaxation apps on my phone, practicing relaxation techniques when insomnia strikes rather than stressing about it, spending time with people I like (and not spending time with people who are harsh and bitter), and trying not to make a drama out of things generally! And avoiding doing the ironing...

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, do what's right for you (and yes, I could have done the above without medication but I had bereavement issues that really really wouldn't go away) but above all, keep trying.

That's it. Thanks for reading xxx

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Hi Twisty

Really pleased to read things are going well for you & thank you for posting how you have got this far , it does help others that maybe have doubts to be able to read posts like this

I am not anti meds , but have a meds fear , which for me is two different things & when I eventually get some help , hopefully we will be able to work out where this fear has come from & rationalize it :-)

But for those that can , I always say anything is worth a try as you never no if you dont & its worked for you :-)

Hope you have a lovely day





Hey there............

that's a really nice post............. thanks for sharing...............

Ive had to take meds to get my anxiety under control, Im still getting there, but I too intend to start doing some form of exercise and stuff that you mentioned, but it was nice to read your positive post.

Hope it continues for you!!

Love Ker xx


So glad things are working out for you. I am a big believer in accepting any help that is offered to you. There is nothing wrong with using medication as a tool. Most of these illnesses would probably go on there own eventually but using px medication it makes the outcome a lot quicker


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