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Day 2 - seem to be ok://

Hey everyone!! So day 2 of trying to pick myself up do up I got my stomach killing me and I was panicking but between getting myself and kids ready it kinda wore off. I got to work and was buzzing all morning actually did quite abit of work lol. This afternoon went to doctors told all and she has agreed to blood tests to make sure alls okay. Regarding my stomach pain I am referred to the hospital but it will be 4 months before I get an apt. This could be a long wait! But in s plus note I went a walk tonight! I never do this but actually went out for a good walk and enjoyed it was quite head clearing. Do pjs on and watching my fave Great British Cake Bake. So all in all Day two quite good!

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hi Missyk,

Am pleased you had a good day, sorry about your stomach and hope the tests sort this out for you.

Yes a good walk is always good can clear you head for you, I enjoy a walk what ever the weather.

Enjoy your TV and get making some of the cakes you are watching, nothing beats home made.


Thank you xx I love walking too but sometimes can't be bothered lol but I am from now on. Love baking too very therapeutic xx


Great that you had a good productive day. I go for a walk every day and find it clears my head too.Gets good endorphins going apparently!! Hopefully, there may be a cancellation for a hospital appointment a bit sooner but sounds as though your GP is onto it. They can tell all sorts from blood tests these days too.

Enjoy the TV. And I hope tomorrow is a good day for you too. Love Julie xx

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Thanks Julie. Nice to have a settled day not filled with drama !! Think my internet ban is also helping xxx


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