Had a few behavioural problems with my 7 year old granddaughter. Yesterday evening she started hallucinating badly. She was running around couldn't recognise me or her mum. Screaming that she could see things. Pale and shaking. We ended up taking her to a+e, after 4 hours we saw a doctor. They took her on the ward and did numerous tests. By this time she was back to normal. No physical problems were identified. They think she possibly has some form of autism or asperges. Obviously we are upset but relieved she can now get help


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  • Have you thought it could be severe panic attacks? These are very common traits xx

  • Also I am sorry to hear she went through such an awful ordeal. Hope she and the family are okay x

  • Possibly it's still early days. See what the specialists say. To me she presents more like ADHD. Thanks for responding

  • Sorry Holly to hear this , can only imagine how frightening this experience must have been for you all

    Like you say we dont want anything to be wrong with our children or Grandchildren & you will all be feeling upset , thank goodness she can get help now

    Hope you will let us no how she is

    Thinking about you




  • Hi holly, sorry to hear about ur granddaughter. My younger cousin has ADHD. When I used to baby sit for them she had awful night terrors and sounds so much like what it explaining. It was frightening as she didn't know who anyone was she was screaming at the too of her voice ect. As u say though she will now get tested and checked out. Xx

  • I am a mental health nurse and I have never seen anything like that

  • Ah Holly, what a horrible experience for you all..... I hope she and you are all ok, and that this is just a one off..... sending lots of love to you all xx

  • I have seen this in a child before, but as aspergers wasn't talked about then it would have benefitted the child to have treatment. Don't worry, this child is a man now and doing fantastic, but if he'd had treatment when he was a child it would not have been so worrying.

  • Hi holly, my daughter used to get night terrors when she was little, it was like a waking nightmare, her eyes were open and she would be terrified, screaming and talking like she could see something and nothing we did could comfort her, then afterwards she'd go back to sleep and didn't remember anything the next morning, I asked the health visitor about it and she said it was quite common, though I'm wondering now if there's a link between her childhood night terrors and her current illness x

    Mimii xx

  • Hi, thanks for the support. I think the sooner you get treatment the better off the child will be

  • having worked with autistic children and children with aspergers in main stream and special education it doesn't match the behaviours I have seen except in non- verbal children when they were extremely distressed. Have you seen any other signs of the conditions and/or has she exhibited these behaviours previously. The autistic society may be able to give you some advice on both conditions. However, it is better to get an assessment and be wrong then you can look at what else could be causing the behaviours.

    In my experience and i am no expert autisic children recognise familiar adults although they may not associate with them and don't suffer from hallucinations. It is a learning condition not a mental health issue.

    Hope you get this sorted and all the family get the support they need.

  • Thanks. I personally can't see autistic traits I think it is more ADHD. Although I work in mental health we do sometimes get people with autism and I don't think she fits the bill. Thanks for replying

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