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Not good - feel I don't belong to this world (? Asperger's)

Some of this recaps what I've said before.

Since Thursday I've been ringing one of the help[lines most days. It's well worthwhile keeping a list of helpline numbers etc. by your .phone.

I've been struggling for ages because of my housekeeping problem - not exactly hoarding, but things are very chaotic. I want them to be straight, but I don't want anyone else in until things are much better.

The problem with keeping pet rats is their short lifespan. I know my oldish boy, Milky Way, was going downhill last weekend. I had a vet appointment for Thursday. Unfortunately I can put water accessibly, but I can't make my pet drink! When we went to the vet, MW was really dehydrated and looked as if I'd been neglecting him - having developed a nasty skin problem as well. He was almost unconscious when he had his final injection.

On Friday one of my favourite girls was very ill. Fortunately she is responding to antibiotics. Saturday night I found a middle-aged buck dead.

As I have no family, my "small furries" are my children.

Also, my chronic pain problems are a nuisance at the moment.

Good 'pet' news last night - little almost-hairless Aslan was being introduced to three others, and it seems to be going well/ It is so funny to see him trying to make his non-existent fur stand on end.

I have had some other problems. I find it hard to handle comments from people who have never had animals, and don't understand how I feel. Also, I posted what was intended to be a humorous post on one forum to find it taken totally literally. I may have mild Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Asperger's, and sometimes feel I don't belong here.

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Join the club or can I join the one you are in?

We all have part of the spectrum.

Give me an hour and I may be able to put some sentences together.





I dont have any pets , but I would still like to comment :)

When I was young , we did have dogs , so even though I dont have pets now , I understand how they become a part of your family & how upset we were when we loose them

I love to read your posts about your rats , i find it so interesting & very endearing how much you love & take care for them , I love the name Milky Way you have named one that made me smile :)

Take the sorting out little by little , maybe if you could do a list , something small each day to sort , doesnt have to be much , tick them of as you get them done & I am sure slowly but surely you will get there :)





We all have problems you are not on your own. My problems may be different to yours but often the outcome is the same. I think there is still a stigma with any form of mental health problem. I have severe health anxiety and it takes over my life but I think doctors do not seem to understand how these things affect us. The say in our lifetime one in four people will be affected by mental health so I think we need to be heard. Take care. I would love to see your rats


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