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DO I really have anxiety?

Hello, and thank you for reading my post. I’ll start from the very beginning and outline my full story and medical concerns.

Four years ago at the age of 26 I traveled out to Las Vegas for a four days with some friends. We over indulged (alcohol only) for the entire trip. By the third day I found myself bound to the room. I was nauseous, vomiting, dizzy, jittery, heart palpitations, irregular breathing, a sense of panic / anxiety, restlessness, hot and cold, like my entire sense of self-balance was disrupted. Initially I thought I overdid it and would recover in a day. However my symptoms did not subside. After nearly 48 hours of this sensation I returned home and drove immediately to the hospital. They ran a bunch of test. Vitals, Bloodwork, EKG, etc…. Everything checked out healthy. They gave me an IV to rehydrate me and within a couple of days I was back to my normal self. Lesson learned - go easy drinking too much and NEVER go back to Vegas again. Problem solved? NO!

This past November 2013 I went out with my at the time boss to celebrate his birthday. Similar to the story above had to many cocktails and found myself in the same exact boat as I did with my Las Vegas experience. My wife was less than pleased with me lying on the couch the next day due to a “hangover” but this has unfortunately become much bigger than a hangover.

Since my night on in November I have had a continual battle with many symptoms. Not on a daily basic but one or twice a week. I have not ignored these warning signs my body has been throwing off. I went in January to a walk-in medical center. Once again blood work and a variety of other test were run. After a few hours I was diagnosed with Anxiety. I thought it was a strange resolution because I don’t feel anxious on the surface very often. I’m in outside sales and have been for years. I normally feel calm in control and put together. One of the things I love most is interacting with other people. Anyways I was prescribed Alprazolam (0.5MG) for an as needed medication and low and behold when I took it I felt normal again… but that didn’t work for long.

Over the last 30 days I have been plagued with the symptoms descried above. I have been in an out of my primary physicians office. Was given a daily anxiety pill Zoloft 50 MG and tried that for a few days. I’m convinced that made all my symptoms worse and discontinued taking that medication. Most recently I spent the entire day at the hospital. Had another EKG, heart ultrasound, MRI, More Blood work, crossed off lime dieses and diabetes. They suggested on paper I’m a healthy individual but were recommended to see a neurologist. I have an appointment with at the end of the month.

Since my night out in November I have had a continual battle with many symptoms. And throughout the last 30 days I have not had a day without them. To date on a daily basis I deal with nauseous, dizziness, jittery. Even when I lie down or sleep I slightly tremble. When I walk I feel I can’t walk in a straight line. I feel a sense of panic / anxiety, restlessness, hot and cold, like my entire sense of self-balance is disrupted. I also experience some variations of headaches and blurred vision in my right eye. In addition most days I feel that I could fall over and pass out at anytime. I have not passed out to date.

Whatever this is it’s paralyzing my day-to-day life. I just started a new outside sales job back in March. I have been traveling more than usual and fighting these symptoms makes it difficult for me to work or really focus on anything. I feel like a let down to my wife. I’m normally strong and have no chinks in my armor. I feel slightly embarrassed and very desperate to find a solution. I still do all my day to day activities its just with struggle. I want to go back to feeling like my old self and be a strong husband and a good dad.

To recap I’m now 30 years old. I don’t smoke or use any drugs. I only socially drink and have not had more than a couple beers in a week since November. I am 6-3” – 215 pounds and in overall healthy shape. Currently I take Dramamine to help with my dizziness, alprazolam to help me feel less anxious and jittery. And two daily vitamins (Ginkgo Biloba and Ginger Root). These pills help slightly but do not come close to making me feel completely normal.

Any advice is really appreciated. Thank you again for your time.

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Hey! Definately sounds like anxiety! Some of its main symptoms are jittery feelings, nausea, dizziness as well as loads of others! There's a site of every symtom and reasons for I can get you if you want, but after having anxiety for a while it does sound like it, and alcohol does make it worse, same as smoking etc it doesn't help at all really which is probaly why you felt so bad them nights ive been there myself and I know its bad but its such a huge relie you've had all the tests which does make it seem even more like anxiety and it presents itself in so many ways, its uncomfortable but it cant harm you! Best of luck x


Thanks for the response : ) I have basically cut alcohol and caffeine out of my life at this point till I can wrap my arms around this thing a little better. I appreciate your support



Alcohol and dehydration can get anxiety going so yes it can be anxiety.

Meds take a while to kick in 4-6 weeks unless they are the ones you take at the first signs of an anxiety attack.

Here is a list of what you can expect from this horrid thing:

What helps are controlling your breathing, distracting yourself, telling yourself it's just anxiety,

Try drinking chamomile tea, avoiding caffiene and alcohol.


Hang in there and you can come on here and we'll be glad to help :)




Hi Yaz,

Thank you for responding to me post.

I was also informed to give the medication more time. I may give in and do so.

Thank you for the link and you hit the nail on the head. Controlling my breathing helps but what works best is staying busy. I mean really busy. Not so much work behind the computer but physical work. Yard work, exercising, running around with my kids. All these physical things seem to help dramatically. I try to explain this to my wife for a bedroom "spark" but it doesn't work ha ha ; )

I'm hoping things will improve.

Thanks for the support.


Hey your welcome!

It doesn't hurt giving it some more time to kick in. ( the meds)

Yes staying physically busy does help a lot, and spending time with your kids. Kids say the funniest weirdest things at times that it will make have a good laugh and ease your anxiety.

Lol tell her there are benefits for her as well. ;)

Stay well



Are you eating well? How is your appetite?


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