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Hello there :-)

Hope ur doing ok? I'm half way thou doing my housework at the moment. I've done upstairs and have stopped for a fag break and a coke lol my period hasn't showed up as of yet but even if it does my attitude as changed. I've been anxious about if it comes all wk and I really can't wait to get pregnant (except Labour......OUCH) where all week I've been anxious about today coming and thinking about it none stop. All day instead of keep thinking I hope it does, now its like if it does it does there's always next month. Anyway other then feeling anxious about it which is natural I haven't had none of the horrible anxiety that we get which is brill :-) anyway off to do downstairs now and feed the animals again xxx

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Hello Donna

Fag & coke break hey :-/

Well I imagine you will have had that now & no doubt finished your cleaning as well :)

Try not to worry , mother nature will take its course when its ready & all the worrying in the world wont change that hun , as you no

I no it will happen for you , but I am a big believer in when the times right :)

Hope you have a lovely relaxing evening :)





have a nice day and dont work too hard! I wish I had enaugh strenght to clean my's a real mess ...


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