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Hello :)

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Hi all,

I'm new here. I have some severe anxiety lately cause of my menopause but I have always been an anxious person. In my late 20s I suffered from a few episodes of panic attacks, really bad ones. I was on Xanax for a year and after I stopped them I was doing really well for a few years.

Anxiety came back 3 years ago , now I'm 50. My symptoms are palpitations, rapid breathing, feelings of danger, dizziness, light-headedness, chest pains and others...

I hate taking medicines, any medicines, I have the phobia of what side effects will cause me even a paracetamol. Weird yeah :(

do you feel the same about medicine phobia?

I' m so bad with that I will google my prescriptions to find the side effects and other info. I have a collection of antidepressants GP has prescribed me and I never took them, how to overcome that? Im afraid I will need some medications one day and I will be terrified

thank you :)


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Hello.....im scared of meds so i tend to cut them in half just so i can see how my body reacts to the side effects. Hormones are hell at any age well they have been for me, us women dont get it easy do we.xxx

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I know poppet36 is not easy, I'm not on HRT I refuse to take any hormones and similar, I'm on natural sage tablets and a multivitamin supplement that's all

I do have in my drawer the fluoxetine prescribed 2 weeks ago but too scared to take it. To be honest I'm doing well i don't understand why the GP prescribed me fluoxetine, maybe for the hot flashes ?

I'll take your advise and cut in half the pills poppet36 -- thank you xx

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Have you tried any of the herbal remedies in holland and barrett for menopause?

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No, you suggest something?

Theres quite a few combination ones but one that springs to mind is star fower.

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star flower eh? I'll try it! is it good for hot flashes ans night sweats that's my main issue, especially the night, I wake up a coupe of times in the middle of the night and i need to change pyjama

Nobody likes relying on medications to feel normal. Twenty years ago I had a nervous breakdown but I had children to support and a job to hold down. I retired to a darkened room for 3 days. So I took the tablets my doctor prescribed. Before long I felt normal again, I was in control of my life, enjoying my work, providing support for those who looked to me. Sure, my mouth was dry when I woke up in the mornings and I put on a few unwanted pounds. But it was worth it. Medications have an important contribution to make when we are feeling so bad we can't function and can't wait for self help techniques to do their stuff. But we should use the time that medications give us to find and oractice those self-help techniques and taper off the meds very, very slowly.

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I don't take nothing now even if the GP gave me Prozac!!! I couldn't believe it how easy she prescribe it, in 10 min , only a couple of questions and there you go ...Prozac

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If you can recover without meds by using sekf help techniques based on acceptance all well and good. But if the anxiety is overwhelming then I say there is nothing harmful in taking medications. If you break your leg you need a splint, a wound that won't heal needs stitches, a mind overwhelmed by worry and stress may need medication.

Very well said. I agree!

I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. My 26 year-old daughter suffers from anxiety as i do. She was overthinking medication so badly before she got on a dose of Paxil that made her feel like she had some control. The obsessing over medication has stopped now that she's feeling better . I'm not suggesting that you should take meds I'm only pointing out that before she had her anxiety under control that was part of the anxiety… If you can understand what I'm saying . Good luck to you! Lisa

Bloody menopause!! I read this and wondered if i had been sleep-writing- it is so my story!!! I find that a few things help - high strength fish oil capsules, vitamin b12 sublingual, an afternoon nap, walk EVERY morning, 15 minute relaxation session (guided) and probiotic. Cut out sugar and alcohol and focus on great nutrition with lots of green veggies, meat and chicken, yummy fresh fruit and nuts. My gp wrote me a script for citalopram but i never took it - just the odd .25mg xanax if agrophobia is too strong (hairdresser, optometrist, dentist etc). Good luck. 🦄🌴💘🌻

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thank you Vbee! I'm vegetarian, no drinking, cut smoking 2 months ago and try to walk to work every morning if I wake up in time ;)

I still believe GP prescribed too fast Prozac in my case, I can manage without it

Hi i to have sufferd axiety nealy all mylife but much worse through the menapause, menapause fin now & not much better took h r t dñt make any differance, like u frieghtend of takeing mend cut them in half have bad side afects on duluxatine at moment doc wñts to change them but to nervious im in a liveing nightmare at moment fed up of going hear there & every were for help, under occupational heath at moment c if thay can help.

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is true 19malpas! are you under counselling? wish you the best :)

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Hi niko1910 i am waiting to have yet another anxiety management cause another waist of time

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