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Is it Tuesday yet :' May hibernate till it comes hehe:)

Hi all, what a day is all i can say and its not over yet, I woke up later than usual 8am, so i was in a flap and panic to help the hubby get the kids ready for school. After that i decided to go in the shower to have some chill time, it started there :/ the electric razor ran out half way through my legs which i hate to admit have some serious pruning needed and i could not find a standard razor think the hubby has hidden his

as he sick of razor rash lol. So i look odd one hairy leg one smooth leg just as well im in the house a lot lol. Then i used the hubby shower gel instead of mine so i smell very manly. After i decided to clean and was just bending down to polish when the damn air wick went off and squirted me in the eye. I also managed to rip a hole in my new fave top as i caught it on the damn kids bunk beds where a screw is lose. !! I chilled for a while as i decided i was obviously accident prone today and in this managed to break my iphone :o gutted, although the hubby ordered a replacement nokia :) Tea time came and this is when rummaging through the freezer i manage to pull something in the bottom of my back and spent the next ten mins break dancing on the floor imitating a monkey noise an all. I then burnt my self on the cooker and almost swallowed a bone from the lamb chop i cooked. After all this I decided t go and put the rabbit back in his pen after he had been in his run all day and he panicked and scratched all my arm to the bleeding point. Which ten mins ago i decided in ,my infinite wisdom to squirt perfume on :( So roll on tomorrow, i've laughed about it don't worry it seems funny now xxx

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Oh dear donver

You havnt gone & broken a mirror have you , this sounds like one of those days & more :o

Well I would have been so upset to rip my top , then spray in eyes , i would have been in a panic , why you thought spraying perfume on cuts would help i am really not sure :-/ hope thats not what you do when the kids have a fall , first aid course maybe needed here :D

Seriously though , you need a sense of humor at times & well done managing to laugh after all that , I would be struggling

Think you need to put your feet up , early night maybe & hope tomorrow brings a better day :)





ty whywhy, luckily no mirrors broken yet lol. Yes one of those days, im sure there will be more, I have always been so bloody clumsy. Im gutted about my top but as the hubby says i can buy the same one again :) although after today they may be out of my size lol. Was a £1.80 bargain so not gonna cry. It didnt bother me to much the spray in my eyes a quick swill with water and i was fine, i did smell nice after :) The perfume was accident as I was testing some samples the avon woman gave me. And wow did it take my brain off anxiety for a while. Luckily my kids are,not to accident prone although my brother came to me once after cutting his hand open and i put germolene new skin on he wasn't my friend for a few days after lol.

Im chillin now, unless i slam the laptop lid on my fingers i should be fine lol x im trying to keep good humour if we didn't laugh we would cry. Thanks x xx


Donver this made me laugh , what a day !! :D

Perhaps you should have an early night to recover, nothing can go wrong in bed hopefully :)

Mimii xx


ty mimii x don't worry it made me laugh to :) x Unfortunately I don't do early nights or I may well of been tempted x Knowing my luck id fall out and crack my head lol x


Dear Donver,

I am sorry to read that you have had a bit of a challenging day.

a big hug,

Marcus xxx


Hi marcus, It could've been worse x more so when im involved lol x #staying positive xx Ty for the hugs xx sending some back x


Hi Donver,

I have days like this I'm really glad it's not just me! I normally laugh, say that I'm giving up on the day and going to bed as its the safest place to be!!!! Xxx


Hi Winter x thought it was just me x I'm the clumsiest person going I could injure myself in a padded room of flour lol x Bed soon x Donver x


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