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Hello all,, a beautiful sunny morning and am feeling slightly more positive:-)

Got up with my beauty, went of to school, I ate some breakfast, drank a full coffee this morning, changed and visual done and its not even 11am yet:-) yay!

Build up drink next and focus on some more visual, I have made a plan to walk 5 mins to the green that I can see from my house, not a big park just a small green in front of some houses and take the pooch for a walk, the goal this week is to just be comfortable with walking there and staying there for awhile feeling comfortable, baby steps:-)

I had a panic last night,, where it sprung from I have no idea, was running a relaxing bath and started feeling rubbish, but I thought I cannot allow this to stop me so I got in a few minutes later had my bath and relaxed and watched a film, and it died down -- 1 point to me!

Thinking about the future,, if I stay strong and calm I can have everything I ever wanted, I already have a perfect family and marriage is being discussed, only when am better then we can go out and he wants to make a proposal romantic and special,,<3

I want a happy life back, thinking positive and forward

Ive made a chart am finding a very big help and boosts me,, pain - power chart. I decide on what I want and see if it puts me in depression or happiness and it makes me think yes come on you can do this, think how you will feel after, it works great!

PAIN |----|----|----|----||----|----|----|----| POWER

Have a wonderful and positive day everyone,, hope I can stay just as positive xxxxxxxx

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Well done! The chart sounds like a good idea, I might try it


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