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Very nervous :(

Hi guys, Today is my first day at running club and I'm a bag of nerves:{ My tummy is all over the place i cant seem to catch my breath and all i want to do is cry!! I haven't got time to cry,got to get my daughter to school and then walk the doggies and then get ready!!

I know,i know BREATH!!!;]] i was fine yesterday,i was looking forward to it,so why am i feeling like this?

My back is aching as well,dont know if any of you guys get that when your uptight? Probably tension.

Ok thats enough stressing...i know i can do this...time for my mindfulness.

hope you guys are ok. hugs xx

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Morning :)

I no you can do this & will :)

Yes the muscles tense when we are feeling anxious , & thats no doubt why your back is hurting

Good luck , will be thinking about you & let us no later how it all goes





Thanks why why,

Just got back from walking the doggies,feel alittle better now:}

Just time to have my coffee and toast and read the paper....hollys back today:]]]

Have a good day,will report back later. hugs xx


Yes just seen the advert , Jeremy is just doing his usual , at the mo , I do feel quite normal when that is on :D

Look out later to see how you got on :)



Haha ... Yeah me too!!! Hubby says he don't like Jeremy Kyle,yet he was watching it the other day:)) speak later xxx


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