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Well, Hubby off work today, which is rare!! Walked the the dogs together had a nice chat about stuff:) Daughter is on a school trip to Cake and Bake at Earls Court. So jealous she gets to meet all the stars of baking like Mary Berry, Rosemary Shregger, Simon Rimmer, Baker Bros and lots more!

Hubby just gone to the dentist for a filling, so he won't be any fun when he gets back!:))

Got my feet up,cup of herbal tea and waiting for the afternoon movie on c5:) Have a good day peeps:) Hugs xx

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Afternoon :)

Sounds like you having a good day :)

Oh like the sounds of your daughters school trip , i like rosemary as well , i think she is funny , she makes me laugh :)

Oh a filling & a man having one at that , yes it will be a big ordeal , this is the reason why women have the babies , otherwise the population would soon be diminished , as they dont do pain , just do a O dear in the right places , & he will be fine :D

Enjoy your film , no Holly & Phil today :D





Hello lovely:) holly and phil don't do Fridays:)) Hubby back now, seems ok?:)

She just sent me some pictures, some very impressive cakes!

Any way, how's you Hun?

Hope all ok

Hugs xx


Oh no its , Emon & Ruth sorry , how could I forget :D

Well done hubby very impressed :-/

Oh can she or will she be bringing samples back :-/

Me ...well health anxiety seems to be having a go , trying not to let it win , but its putting up a good fight :-/



I hope she does:) hubby still not moaning:)

Yeah my anxiety is trying its best to get me... But I'm not letting it get me... Watching Alan Tichmarsh at mo to take my mind of things:)

Stay strong lovely, we can do this:)) xxx

Oooh.. Must go, just spied David Essex:))!


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