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Afternoon peeps:)

Hello friends, hope you've all had a good day. Had a chilled out day today, did have a slight blip but sorted myself out.Mum law left me a ton of chocolate after her visit to Cadbury world... Really going to have to resist:/!

Just turned the heating on as it is getting a bit chilly here in Kent. Having cuddle with daughter on the sofa watching deal or no deal:) Hope you all have a pleasant evening hugs:) xx

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Take it Holly & Phil have gone now :-/

I am sure with all that walking you do , you can afford a little chocolate , would be a shame to let it go to waste , well thats what I would tell myself :-/

Been a lot cooler here today , but so far , no heating , trying to resist as long as I can :D

Hope you have a lovely evening & that back of yours is feeling a little better :)





Yes whywhy phil and holly have gone!:)) Trying to lose a few pounds at the mo as we are going to Spain next month. So I'm going to be I think!!! I will try and not touch the chocolate!!! Have a good evening Hun xx


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