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Hi My lovely friends,

Some Members who have been touch with me and know who I am, Others please take some time to read my boring tale in the about me section.

My Occupational health Doctor is insisting me to report my Depression and suicidal attempts to the DVLA as per the guideline. I am just getting along with my life and feel safe with driving and and on no current meds apart from Anti-hypertensives. The guidelines state that I need to stay 3 months until I am all clear.

The reason I am concerned is because I work in the community , to make it complicated , as a medic and very worried about this whatever impact it may cause.

Any advice?? or Experience??

I just love this website and people and would appreciate any advice related to this. I can't stress enough , I love you all and Keep going!!!!

Sammy xxx

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Hello Sammy

Loving the picture :)

Now then , we have asked this question before & I have been wondering how you have been

Last time , i said I would do as suggested & let them no & my answer is still the same on this one

I no you feel confident with your driving , but even the most confident drivers , can have accidents & it doesnt have to be their fault

What if , something did happen , & then this came to light , you could loose your job for good , & I dont think you want that to happen

Sometimes , in my stomach , I no the right answer , because I feel it in there , but my head & heart can be saying something else , then I will keep asking around , hoping someone will eventually tell me the answer I want to hear , then I can justify it & go with that answer , even though its just one person & maybe 10 others saying do the right thing , well I can trick myself then & ignore them

I do think you no deep down , what is the right thing to do & it no doubt it is playing on your mind & thats why you are mentioning it , maybe you are waiting for that one person to agree with you , that you should keep quite , but its not going to be me & the reason why , is because I care :)

You have to do what is right for you & I no you will :)

Lovely to see you posting & let us no how you go on





Hi Sammy, just spoke with my husband who is a driving instructor, it is best to tell DVLA if only to cover yourself. I hope you have a good day . Xx


Ditto you,'ve said it all


Hello Sammy

You must notify the DVLA of any medical conditions that is likely to affect you’re driving, the DVLA won’t just revoke your licence they will seek lots of information before making a decision wich could take 3 weeks, chances are you will keep your licence.

also in terms of insurance you might not even be insured anymore because your refusing to inform DVLA of medical needs if you look at the small print of your documents chances are there will be a clause stating insurance will automatically become invalid - even if your still paying the premiums

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