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bad night

Hi all x last night i had the worst night ever for anxiety, it all started throughout the day with me thinking about the heartburn and indigestion id been having lately , this in my head turned into of course its your heart theres something wrong, which then made the rest of the day and evening unbearable with worry, when it got near bedtime and believe me i,d put it off for hours I was really worrying (pass as to why) that it was my last night alive, sounds stupid i know but i was convinced i was meeting my end, I must of fell asleep but i know i woke around half hour later more convinced than ever time up!! i cried and panicked over and over again and then must of fallen asleep, i was just wondering if anyone else suffers like this. It was awful, thanks in advance Donna x

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Oh Donna

Yes , this I did relate to & I no just how you were feeling

First I suffer with the heartburn & have for years & when it all started , I used to think it was my heart , as the years went by , I did start to accept it was heartburn , & I think a lot of anxiety suffer's seem to get this , I think though with anxiety we dont digest our food very well & even though we dont realize it we tend to gulp a lot of air in as well

I no I keep going on about it but I have found Manuka Honey 10+ , one teaspoon 3 times a day , has worked on my heartburn , better than any meds the GP has ever gave me & I have tried a few

As for that feeling this is it , well yes I have had that & it feels so real & then the anxiety , makes you believe you really are right in what you are thinking

But now I would say , well I am still here today , so I was wrong , & if it happens again , try & I no its not easy , to remember this happened before & nothing bad happened & nothing will , I no its easier said than done , but with practise I no it gets better

Try & rest up today if you can , & be good to yourself

Hope it helps to no you are not the only one that has felt this way





ty whywhy x it always helps to know im not the only one as if feels so real as if you just know for definite and yet when you read that others with anxiety suffer the same it puts into perspective that its another trick of your illness convincing you the world is ending for you, I do try to put these things out of my head and think hey it could happen anytime so why worry about it because it might never happen, but as you say easier said than done, and yet when i look back i can see i may not be there yet but I am loser than i was yesterday, thank you xx


Yes, i can relate to this too unfortunately. The thing is that we all understand that we worry about something small and it's not worth it. My anxiety keeps me up and even strong sleeping pills sometimes won't help. I had one of the worst nights too, slept with my 3 yo niece who was waking up and crying a lot. I felt angry with her and now feel so gulity. It's like being in a black hole and you don't know how to find the way out of it. It gets better sometimes but the whole past month is being horrible.

Your definitely not alone in your problem :) I'm now trying to control my anxiety by using breathing techniques and it helps sometimes.

Tomorrow is a new day and I really hope you'll sleep much better tonight :)



ty lovalova x i used to think anxiety was bad enough in all its other ugly forms but this new form took me for six, i know i did it to myself by worrying that my indigestion was going to rear its head that night and cause immense pain but i didn't expect that as a outcome, sorry to hear you to have had a bad night, dont feel to guilty about getting angry because i think im in your boat with a bad month and feeling angry at silly things. One day we will all overcome these things and escape to a new level. xxx


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