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What a night

I have mention in my other post that i hate travelling and i get panic attck . Guess what but travelling loves me too much and dont wanna leave me alone. Here is my story last night i was coming from manchester airport to lancaster. Apparently i bought the ticket for wrong day so i had to buy a new ticket. Then while i was waiting at the station for my train, i realised im in the wrong platform and my train already left. So i took different train to preston and then it was too late, last train for lancaster already left. So i had to stay over night in B&B. Now im going to lancaster.

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Sounds like a nightmare journey, that would make me anxious....

Glad your safely on the way back....:)


Sounds like me!!!!


Hi Sleeplessinberks you bet. i wish i had the tardis.


Wow, that does sound fun though...............I would have had a heart attack, at all that trouble before.

Now I see it as a great adventure. Its funny how, we can see things many different ways.

When I go out the door now, I expect something to not happen as planned, its like a preparation, then when something does go wrong, its enjoyable.

Anyways, hope you home safe now, with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit

Wishing you well




thnxs B. i guess deep down inside we all want face our fear but it's not easy. i even once did skydiving . god it was scary. i reached home pretty safe. i even went to the leisure center to play badminton :) . ta. Abrar


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