Chill time :-)

Another busy day cleaning the house taking kids to the park fr a while :-) then off food shopping...all quite now tho little one asleep just me and my boy chilling now... watching the soaps then a bit of doc martin :-) I'm just to rock and roll lol. Of out tomoz with my mum and the kids for one last day of fun before they go bk to school and playschool :-) hope everyone is all gd :-) x


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6 Replies

  • Hi Stacey,

    sounds like you have had a good day am please for you, it's nice to hear when people have good days, Thank you for sharing as it's nice to read and made me smile.

  • Hi thanks it had been a gd day :-) looking forward to tomorrow now. After a gd nights sleep :-) hoping the weather will b gd ?! X

  • Good for you Stacey :)

    It is lovely to see you so happy & positive :)




  • Thanks whyhy its nice to feel like it to :-) hope u had a gd day :-) x

  • Hi Stacey glad you have had such a good day, I also like Dr martin, pleased they have made another series. Hope you have another good day tomorrow, it is suppose to be another good day tomorrow for the sun. :)



  • Thanks bonnie :-) yeah got to like a bit of the doc lol...I hope the weathers d to :-) hope u have a gd day x

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