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What about positive Friday,is it here or where?

I done one of mine Thursday just incase Jetstar left(probably has now lol) and I have another one

Which is knowing and getting to know all the lovely people on here,it's a beautiful world but a hard one,so many caring and funny people on this site

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And to Whywhy,still can't do smileys,it's an IPad,


O goodness me , there is a positive Friday , Winter started it , but then a few more Friday posts started & you may have got confused , especially with jetstar face not been on it :D

Think we may need to re group over Positive Friday if we want one ;)

So sorry about the smileys lol you will have to do a lol instead :D

Hope you are having a good day :)

Nice to see you :D




ps , yes that was a lovely positive by the way :)


Hi Lindalou,

I have put Positve Friday on about 9 am this morning!

That's a beautiful Positive that you've put, that's so kind of you xxx


Hey Lindalou that's a great positive and I whole heartedly agree :-)


Dont worry Lindalou Jetstar will be back but he has a busy schedule :D

Mimii xx


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