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Positive Friday

Hi one and all :)

Once again Friday is upon us, I don't have three positives but I do feel good. I have just put my third batch of Christmas cakes in the oven I'll wait till Monday to do the last two, you may think its a bit early to be making them but I like them to mellow and so do my family who are getting them. I hope you are all getting on ok and look after yourselves. :-/

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You really worried me then saying you were putting your Christmas cakes in!!! How many are you making? It sounds like you need a factory and a very large oven!!


Hi Winter :)

Sorry to give you a fright. I am only making 8 this year I do them 2 at a time but I just love the smell in the house so warming lol.


It sounds lovely, I love making mine to. I only make 4 usually but I do love the smell as well


Hi Kenny, you sound incredibly organised with the cake making, when you say 'only making 8' how many do you usually make :D

Just one would be a mammoth task for me !!

Mimii xx


Hi Mlmi I usually make about 10 or 12 but this year I have retired so Im only making them for family


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