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Friday is here!

So glad my working week is done, got away 30 mins early what made it even better.

Today is strange feeling day, I've not felt the horrible ill feeling I've had all week but I've had the worst pain in my left side of my chest. Then little flutters that make my whole body jerk, I'm confused by it, it's making me feel very bizzare, like how can my heart keep fluttering like this if there is really nothing wrong with it and what's causing this chest pain all the time, aaaahhhhh I want to pull my hair out lol


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Hi Ashley

First , dont pull your hair out , it might not be a good look :p

Now then , your heart can & will keep fluttering with this anxiety , I no its frightening when this is your fear , but believe me its the anxiety doing it

The pain as well , it wont be anything & when you are having a heart attack it doesnt happen as you are explaining & I no I cant let go of that cholesterol reading but thats keeping your heart healthy !

You have everything on your side , age , cholesterol , good BP , your active , the list goes on , the one thing that is against you is this flipping anxiety grrrr

I wish I could do it for you , if I could I would , but you have to practice really hard to try & not fear these feelings , when it realizes its not getting its own way , it will move on :-/

You & your famous heart will be around for many years to come :-p




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Hey whywhy!

I just wish I could get it into my head that is was anxiety but I think what's stopping it this time is that usually this stuff comes and goes and it easier to break the cycle as I can see it only comes on now and then but this has been constant for nearly a week. My brain is screaming for a break. Hasn't had one in so long. Even now I'm lying in bed haven't go up yet and I can feel the chest pain and flutters starting all ready.

Haha my famous heart...well I've booked another appointment with my doctor. Gonna see what else she can do for me. Maybe nothing I'm not sure xx


Hey ash how's u? I learnt an interesting fact today. Apparently when we are anxious we have a subconscious thought and then we get a physical symptom then the cycle starts it's breaking the cycle that's hard. I had a bad dizzy spell today and was on the verge of letting it spiral but whoop to me and kicked it in the butt!! I now have a headache now for it all lol xxx


Hey you!!

That sounds very plausible, wish my brain would ingest it and take it on board. I'm just sick of the pain and flutters,I really don't know where to go from here. I've tried relaxing in baths, going for walks, it's just constant.

Heeeelp lol



Have that strange jerking thing and also keep getting "frights", but know it is just the anxiety


It's horrible. I've never ever had it before up till now. X


Hi Ashley 27... it's Coby again. The fluttering and pain you describe are probably anxiety but I have a chronic condition called Fibromyalgia and experience all sorts of symptoms alongside the pain and fatigue. It's usual for me to have the fluttering in the left side of my chest 99 percent of the time and chest pain too especially when I'm over anxious and tired. I try to distract myself from it all but as you know that's easier said than done. Anxiety is an illness that is so debilitating .....unless you're a sufferer you won't ever comprehend how horrible it is. Im so sorry that your weekend is spoiled by this and trust something will distract you enough to make life more bearable....take care x.


Hey coby

It's nice to hear from you again. You have made me feel better in regards to the fluttering, I'm trying to just repeat to myself over and over that it's anxiety and nothing else.



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