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Furious Friday!!!!!!

Here goes!!!!! Worked my butt off in my first week of work, hardest work I've ever done in my life..they have a clock in/out system so I thought it would be impossible to mess hours/pay up. Oh no! Messed my hours and my pay, and I've got a funny feeling they are going to tell me it's correct. My blood is boiling!!!

Sat for half an hour with husband working it out & we've ended up having a screaming match. Great!!!!! Instead of helping he's made it worse..

I rang work and told them situation so I have to go in a little earlier. If it works out correct they can shove their job where the sun doesn't shine!!!! I'm not working them hours for naff all.

Sorry guys I had to get it out..I need a stiff drink and it's only 9.57am!!! Arghhh

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Glad you raged here and not at them :)

Stay calm and don't be fobbed - you know what you have done.

Maybe they got you on an emergency tax code or something if the numbers don't add up?

Good luck today

x Sam


Thanks sam. Just makes me so mad. It doesn't take a genius to get someone's pay correct especially when the hours are there in front of you. They don't care that people have bills to pay etc..x


O dear LooLoo

So sorry , I can imagine you feeling anxious & annoyed , I would to & would make my anxiety soar & make me angry

You have done well this week & worked flipping hard & I hope its a positive out come when you get there & who knows , we might see you on Positive Friday Post later with some good news ;)

I will keep everything crossed for you :)





Yes whywhy it has sent me soaring..a little calmer now as I've had my rant, but the house is miserable now. Wish I could drive. I would just go drive for an hour with the kids. I am thinking I've had a few positives so trying not to lose it.

Thanks love. Hope you have a good

Day xx


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