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Back comes the health anxiety!

I thought I'd cracked it when I joined the gym. The first few weeks my anxiety levels really dropped and I didn't worry about my heath too much, but then out of the blue on Saturday I'm back off on one worry, worry worry and it's continued up until now.

So many times I think it's gone or at least going and back comes the b*gger to haunt me again.

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Morning Bramwell

Just answered you on what started your anxiety , saying how much I relate to you , especially when you have had it most of your life , but as I politely say as you are getting more mature , like a fine wine , it becomes more of a worry as you see it as O dear I am at an age now where all these things I have always worried about could come true, well I no thats what runs through my mind a lot

I have to go to the hospital , with what they think is a cyst , can feel it , cant see it though & I am not saying much , but believe me , it feels like my worse nightmare & already I have written the script of what it is in my own head & making myself quite ill with the worry

I no I have to say to myself over & over again , that all these things I think I have or have had , none of them have been reality , just my fear in my head & worrying about them wont make a difference (I no thats easier said than done , but its true ) & I have to keep telling myself this & it does help a little

I always thought I wouldnt be here now & all the years wasted & missing out enjoying myself I look back & could kick myself thinking what a waste that was , as I am still about

I try as hard as I can not to waste anymore

You no a friend said to me & I think it will be the same for you , people like us end up been old creaking gates ;)

PS keep of Google ;)





Thanks for the replies whywhy.

I understand fully how you feel about the cyst - and our ever advancing age.

I too have whole scenarios that play through my mind when I find a worrying symptom. Silly isn't it.


I no its silly Bramwell , but when we are believing what our heads say , it doesnt feel that silly then , o we could so do with an on / off switch for these minds of ours , if you come across one , give me a shout :-/

Hope you have a good day :)



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