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Gardening :-/

I've cut lawns and my front garden was just full of weeds. I kept thinking for wks it needs doing well I decided on doing it today. I've still got abit left to do and I know if I leave it unfinished wen I've started it, it will bug me all night. Well I'm really knackered so wen the OH gets back I'm gonna to tell him to finish that one side for me. He will do it quicker then me to. So I'm going to chillaxing for an hour, then do housework, then bath. Then order a take away and play zombies on the Xbox as I haven't for a while lol

Last night I was stopping on my own and OH foned me and said he wud be back about three. So I'm going to try a full night on friday. I'm taking whywhys advice and going to try and brake it up in parts. Hope ur all having a good day xxx

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Hi donna. Can you come and do my lawn and some weeds lol it could do with a hair cut . ;) enjoy your chinky and evening ;)




Wow, you have been working hard!

Sounds like you deserve that relaxing evening, enjoy :D



Bless you donna , you do work hard , I wish I had your energy & good for you saving the other half of the garden & making him do it when he gets back :D

So you stayed on your own till 3 :o that is still very good :)

I no you can do this & I do think if you break it down it will help

Hope you have had that nice bath , you deserve to after all that :)





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