My Secret Garden (sorry, guys, a bit "girlie" lol!)

My Secret Garden (sorry, guys, a bit "girlie" lol!)

I have a secret garden;

It's hidden in my head.

And sometimes I can go there,

When I feel the dread.

There are flowers everywhere

Of every shade and hue,

Where butterflies flit about,

And the birds love it too.

A little brook runs through it,

Makes a happy sound,

And everywhere you please to walk,

Peace is to be found!

But most of all I love the swing!

Fragrant flowers climb the ropes -

They have names like "Love"

And "Faith" and Hope"!

I sit and smile,

I rock and swing

And in a while

I forget - everything!

You are welcome to my garden anytime!





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41 Replies

  • Who says the nervously ill are not creative? A lovely, beautiful little poem. I will come into your garden and sit with you and hold your hand and we can find peace together. Thanks Rose. Love. jonathan.

  • Aww, thank you so much, Jonathan! You are VERY welcome in my garden - maybe we should throw a "garden" party in it in the summer? ;) Hollow can bring the port!

    I actually think the creative types are MORE likely to suffer MH issues, actually - look at Stephen Fry, Eric Sykes, Van Gogh to name but a few!!! Not that I'm putting myself in their category, but I've written poetry since - well, since I could write anything at all lol! I hate to think how "mad" i'd be if I didn't have the release of words.

    Enjoy my garden! :)




  • Me to Rose , I would love to come in your garden to please :-)

    Beautiful poem

    whywhy x

  • The gate is always open, Whywhy - in fact, there IS no gate - it's open to everyone! Come in, sit on the swing or on the grass, trail your fingers in the brook, watch the birds, they're quite tame here, and breathe in the peace!

    Welcome, and enjoy!




  • Not hollow. Port, not again (although I dont know though). I suppose getting sloshed in your lovely garden would be inappropriate as you have spent so much time nurturing it. By the way, where is hollow? Cant be the hangover has gone on this long! Gone very quiet. Love. jonathan.

  • That's true, Jonathan! Hollow, where are you????????

    Actually, you don't need alcohol in my garden, you get drunk on the sights, the sounds, the smells - but nice drunk! ;) xxxxxxx

  • Does your garden got open hours time?? Would love to come in!! ?? X x

  • No, Minnie, it's open 24/7 - everyone is welcome, especially the people on this site! Come in, sit down, let the garden dream your troubles away for a little while! :)




  • Can I bring my beloved dog?

  • Course you can! He'll love it, but he'll probably get all wet in the stream and shake himself all over everyone! ;)

    You're both very welcome!!!! :-D




  • That's great,he won't annoy anyone

  • :-D xxxxxxxxx

  • "Nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth". Came from an old calender.

  • That's lovely, Jonathan! Thank you! xx

  • It's from this:-



  • That's lovely Rose! Love It! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thank you, my lovely Ella - you're welcome in my garden any time! :) xxxxxxxxxxx

  • you inspire all of us.x

  • Oh Celest, thank you! What a lovely thing to say! Bless you! :)

    Lots of love



  • Yes let's have a party! I could do with a pick me up. A nice tea party under that nice big shady tree over there would be fantastic. I'll bring some lemon biscuits. Coffee drinks welcome too, and I suppose the coffee cud be made Irish for those who'd prefer it? :D

  • Hi, Maya, you're on! I'll bring some carrot cake - and I LOVE Irish coffee! :p And I'm going to wear a big floppy hat, which would make me look like a walking mushroom in real life, but will be fine here in the garden! ;)

    No fighting over whose turn it is to use the swing, mind! ;)

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :-D

  • Dang!! I thought bags me the swing's mine!! Humph.

    Rose could I offer you some coffee?? Oops may have split some whiskey in there. Yikes! :D You don't mind do you Rose?

    Your mushroomy hat is lovely btw. Myself, I like this nice frilly lacy parasol - keeps out the sun.

    Oi Hollow! Where you? Come and keep us company. We've got Irish coffee!

  • OMG :-O You've put WHISKEY in my coffee!!!!! :-O Oh great! :-D Love the parasol, hun, very garden party-ish. Glad you like my hat! :)

    No! It's my turn to use the swing next - geroffff!!!! :'(



  • Oops, I meant just coffee....

  • Ouch! Rose, for shame, wait your turn! Anyway, You're abit too tipsy to be on the swing missy.

    Why do we see to be the only ones partying?

  • Hiya everyone , budge up , let me on the swing , you two are under the influence of drink as usually tut tut

    Just coffee for me & a nice cream bun if there is any , didnt get this size without making an effort lol

    whywhy x

  • Carrot cake, Why? That's if Maya has left us any! Whoops, fell off the swing - too much coffee in my whiskey! :( xxxxxx

  • Isn't it supposed to be whiskey in the coffee not the other way round?

    Now we know why you're tipsy Rose...tsk be a good girl and hand over the whisky bottle....

  • No I'm not...I'm sober! Scout's honor! See I can walk in a straight line and everything! Even touch the tips of my nose! See!! See!!

    Its Rose over there who's tipsy.

  • Yes please , quick need to get on that swing before you get up !!! hehehe

    why x

  • Hey, take my carrot cake and then won't let me on the swing! :( No fair! !!!!!

  • I am trying 2 look after you , worried about you swinging while under the influence of whisky lol !

    Nice carrot cake though , whoosh .....that was high ! who pushed me then, slow down

    whywhy x

  • That was me hee hee hee ;) xxx

  • *burp

    sorry, didn't realise you wanted the carrot cake. *shame faced*

  • Love it!!! Is it still opening??? Wanna to go on swing but don't push me to higher!! ;-) xxx

  • Hey, Minnie, the garden is ALWAYS open! :-D Tell you what, I'll get some of the fairies to push you ;) - they're not very strong so they won't push you too high! Hope the hot chocolate was good?


  • Yay!!!! Ah hot chocolate was the best!!!! Good job no whiskey in it otherwise I will be puke all over you all when the fairies push me on the swing lol!! Xxxx

  • Nah, you can't puke in the magic garden, the fairies won't let you! And they will be very gentle! :) xxx

  • Hehe!! :-) be amazing if you set up like this and we all come over for a real garden party, full of pretty flowers everywhere with lots of glitter colourful fairies and unwind with glass of cheeky Irish cream with ice or cocktails!! :-) xxx

  • And the birds sing the songs to us!! Xx

  • Sounds great to me, Minnie! :-D xxxxx

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