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I don't know what to do

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Hey everyone haven't posted in a while, but I'm struggling right now. My stress levels have definitely decreased, but I am out of work due to things going on in my head. I've gone to the doctor multiple times and I've tried to explain what's going on, but the things I'm feeling in my head are literally impossible to explain. It's constant, even when I'm not feeling anxious. I get weird pains and strange feelings that scare me so much. I REALLY think I have a brain tumor but since I can't explain what I'm feeling, my doctor won't refer me to get an MRI(they're so hard to get here) but I really need to go back to work and this is what's keeping me from doing that because it's hard for me to concentrate and I feel like I'm gonna lose consciousness all the time and I'm also super fatigued and nauseous all the time. I'm scared that it is a brain tumor and the longer it takes to find it, the worse it's going to be😣 I literally can't leave my house because I'm always scared that the feeling is gonna get bad and I'm gonna pass out or something bad is gonna happen. I don't think it's my anxiety but idk either way the health anxiety factor is not helping at all..

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Worrying about brain tumours is one of the commonest posts on this site, but no one has ever had one diagnosed as far as I know.

You could save up to get a private scan, but the often another physical symptom will step in.

Better to work on mindfulness, relaxation techniques and lifestyle

Hi, I seriously Do NOT believe you have a Brain Tumor, This stuff your going through is Big time fear and Anxiety !!! If your Doctor Thought you might have one he would have the scan done. People are always Sueing for everything, he wouldn't want to take a chance on being wrong and getting Sued. I have had probably every symptom you could imagine over the last 55 years. Thats a long time to suffer with Panic, Fear, anxiety, and Depression. But you push trough these things these Different symptoms, and you get through it, than another one pops up. you'd think we would catch on after awhile, that its OUR MINDS doing this to us, and we do get better at dealing with it, but I don't no that we ever get all the way cured. I sure haven't. Soooo believe your Doctor weather you want to or not. And just like they say with DRUGS, JUST SAY NO, when the scary thoughts pop into your head ! Hard to do? Hard to ignore the symptoms, Absolutely !!!!! So Do it anyhow, just say no, I am FINE, over and over, don't try to think it out, or reason with it just say NO, and TRY to think of something else, Happy. Our Minds are a wonderful thing and also, when you have anxiety and Panic like us, they can be a terrible thing. They can rule us, scare us to the point of, as they say..." FEAR IS PARALYZING" It really can be if we let it be. I am going through a really bad time myself right now. Lots of back and Hip pain, afraid I won't be able to get around and do the things I HAVE TO DO. So ME and MY MIND are having a battle now, Almost every day. And I am 68, so its much easier to believe there is real problems going on. Try it.... JUST SAY NO, over, and over. Good luck. Don't give up, and don't let the FEAR RULE YOU, DON"T LET IT WIN !! your alot tougher than you think.

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Thank you so much!!

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Your welcome. Hey, I no you can handle this . I have done it all my life. I have been worried about Having tumors on my head just lately along with all the other things. I have funny bump mole things I am getting on my head. Plus with me When ever I get panicky or worried It goes straight to my stomach!! So imagine having a hard time getting around because of all the pain , thats giving you all the fear, and having to run to the bathroom ???? And lots of people have the stomach problems with this anxiety, and Fear, we just don't like to talk about our stomach problems very much !! It is terrible !! I can't even get out of the house most of the time because of my stomach, so if I get super bad , how do I go to the hospital or Doc. if I can't leave my house ??? Seeee You CAN do this. Show your mind , its not gonna win Just say NO, and move to something else, over and over, eventualy it will get easier :)

I went thought the whole I think I have a brain tumour 5 years ago. Mine was because I lost my brother at 8 yrs old with one when I was 13 so I have health anxiety for many reason but that is one of them . I was lucky my doctor put me in for a MRI as I had headaches everyday for years, the MRI came back normal so I had to work out why I was getting the headaches that took 2 more years to work out that the 16 cans of redbull a day and taking pain killers everyday to stop me getting headaches was the reason, I was addicted to pain killers so when I stopped them and the red bull I stopped having headaches after 6 weeks

Sorry to say but as with all of us it is our anxiety doing this and not a brain tumor.

Hi. A few years ago I had a lot of the symptoms you're describing and I put off caring about it for months telling myself it was just anxiety cuz usually that's what's wrong. But when I finally ended up going to the doctor I ended up being severely iron deficient. However I do still get those symptoms with bad anxiety attacks so it could just be that as well. But I say better safe than sorry.

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That's funny you mentioned that because I went to the dr yesterday and he said my iron was low and I might be anemic..

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Yeah man iron deficiency can mess up your life. Make sure you take your vitamins everyday. And I also recommend eating meat every day cuz meat carries Hemairon which helps get oxygen through your blood. Thats why lack of iron can make you pass out. Red meat has the highest amounts of it but I try too limit red meats to twice a week.

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