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Finally decided to ring my surgery to see a doctor - not that they've helped much in the past, since my lovely old GP left, but i was desperate! :( Was told that they're changing their computer system, and aren't making ANY bookings until - wait for it - SEPTEMBER!!!!!! :-O Otherwise, you have to ring at 8.30 am - and I know that rigmarole - first, you get the answerphone, then you get the engaged signal, then - when someone finally answers the phone, you get "Oh, sorry, all the appointments have gone!!!"

I did tell the receptionist to tell the Practice Manager that, regardless of their IT issues, this was NOT acceptable - bet she doesn't!

Grrrrr....... - what happened to "doctors"????

Rant over


Thorny Rose

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O dear Rose

Sounds like my doctors , even though I no its not :o

We dont even have to have IT problems at our surgery , if you try & pre book its 6 to 8 weeks wait :o thats with the system running :o

Same if we phone for an appointment as well , just like yours all taken by 5 past 8 , even though they dont open till 8 !

Now the only way to get one is be on the door step & wait for them to open , not good if you are not well

As mine isnt in walking distance , I am just glad my hubby can go for me , otherwise , I would have to be in a Taxi at 8 to go & get an appointment , but it would be the only way , I would ever get in

I no it doesnt help you , but no you are not alone with the way you GP surgery works



I know, Why, and i'm sorry you have the same problems! I think it's disgraceful! :( I'm not one to go on about "the good old days" -there was a lot that was bad about them! - but when you think:

GP home visits - gone

24 hour care by your own GP/practice - gone

Seeing the same GP on a regular basis - practically impossible!

Got an urgent problem that isn't life-threatening - get yourself to A&E and, sorry if it's 7 miles away and you don't have transport and it's 2 in the morning, tough!

Now it's all money, targets, computers - the old GP-patient relationship has gone!

And they get up to £100k per year for this crap!

One of the reasons my old doctor left was that she didn't want to get involved in "commissioning" services - ie deciding what to pay for and what not.She said she was an "old-fashioned GP who cared for patients" - a "dying" breed, i suspect!

If - and it is an if, cos i don't do mornings - i ring at 8.30,I've got into the habit of using my mobile, which costs money - my landline is free - because it has auto-redial on it, just keeps dialling until someone answers!

What a b*****y mess!

Love n hugs




Well ladies, despite having pretty much the length and breadth of the country between us we appear to be sharing the same doctors surgery :O

It really is a sorry state of affairs.

Hope you're both doing ok.



Hi my Lizard - sorry yours is rubbish as well, I just told my sister, she couldn't believe it - she gets an appointment with HER doctor within a day or two!!!! So it CAN be done!!!

Not brill, Liz, but surviving - hope you're okay, hun!

Love n hugs




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