If this pic posts this is Mitzi. She loves her fuss. In a morning she's taps my face with her paw and licks my nose to wake me up for milk. The only problem is she's to fussy with strangers, goes up to anyone who she sees. She never as had her claws out to anyone. She's 3 now and doesn't move for the dogs if they try and chase her. Where ever I go even in the bath she waits for me xxx PS this pic was took wen I had just moved in that's y I've never carpet on the landing xxx

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  • donna

    She looks so comfy in that bed bless

    You made me laugh when you put p.s we had just moved in & thats why there is no carpet , I would have never noticed , was to busy admiring your cat & her bed :-/




  • I was actually admiring the floor, thinking, 'Ooh, is that laminate or has she sanded the floorboards?' :-D


  • Donna she's gorgeous!

    Our Penny taps my face when I go to bed if I dare to stop stroking her lol


  • She's beautiful! I love cats and dogs, but for practical reasons I couldn't have one - but I'm greeted by 20 little fancy rat faces! The three youngest are very near me and are especially lovely!

    Because of experiences with wild rats, people have an instinctive dislike of the word 'rat'. They need a new name. Someone on the rat forum calls the, 'bald-tailed squirrel-wombles!'


  • Bald-tailed squirrel-wombles, I like that :-D


  • I do like rat. My aunty had one in cambridge. Wen we went up their for the wkend it wasn't shut UN its cage it's cage was open and he was walking on the furnuture. The Windows was open and it never ran out but he cud of. Wen ever u Sat down it wud sit on ur lap or lie by ur shoulder ans lick ur neck. Since then I like rats xxx

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