Day 3

This was my goal setting time so no activerty today and to be honest felt a little worse for it but sat in the Gym for an hour or so talking threw my goals

But on the other hand I can now get on with it I've also decided to cut out a few things in my diet things like the skin off the chicken and white bread chips and to introduce more veg and fibre in stead yawn yawn but if I want to lose weight it has to be done also going to do my workout latter today all 79 mins of it and part two of the human approach so posetive steps but diet changes can wait till next Monday as I've a beg wedding this weekend hmmmmm but hay on ward and for ward as they say update

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  • Good for you Bigguy

    I hope you have a lovely weekend & enjoy the wedding & eat what you want you are right the diet can wait till Monday :)




  • Thanks been very Anxious today wedding thoughts I think but feel better this eve here's to a good nights sleep

  • You will do , its quite normal , they are big events , make sure if you feel you are wobbling a little (which I hope you dont ) just make an excuse , you are hot , headache or what ever & go outside , take some deep breaths , get your head focused , no body will think anything

    I hope you get a good nights sleep as well & hope you really enjoy yourself , let us no how it all goes , will be thinking about you


  • Just got back its 11:15 day was great up until the point a drink was split over me total mistake but a couple of guys thought it was funny I did not but anyway stayed all day and it was well worth it I'm glad I went I hope now I don't feel anxioty on Sunday gym and take it easy I think thanks why why for your encouragement you helped me get threw by the way had nice food even a bit of cake but stayed of the boze not that I drink anymore x

  • Good for you , well done you did it :)

    I knew you would :-/

    Hope you feel proud , you should do , I would :)

    Glad there was some nice food , I no you were looking forward to that , sorry about the drink been spilled , that actually would have got to me , but you seemed to handle it very well

    So you did this , I have no doubt you will hit that gym on Monday

    Let us no how it goes




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