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Bit desperate

I don't know what to do I feel like I've been panicking for the whole day. It's so bad and I've been so horrible and I just can't stop crying. Why does it make bad things happen, we have to feel shit and have the panic attack but then bad things happen from that and it makes it worse and it's all my fault cos if I didn't have this problem everything would be fine.

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hvr1 If you need someone to talk to feel free to private message me. I know it's awful what we are going through. Rose



your anxiety and panics do silly things to your brain and make you think things. I totally understand where you are coming from. Take it a little bit easier on yourself.

((((((((((((( hugs)))))))))))) xxxxx



Sorry you are still feeling low I no earlier you said you were not feeling to good today

Sometimes we can pick up after a rough start & sometimes it does continue , this is all part of anxiety

Good news is the good days do get more & start to out weigh the bad ones , but it can take time

Dont be tough on yourself , I no we can be , this will get better





Thanks a lot for your kindness. Ye it's nasty my brain is still hurting a bit, that wasn't a great night. But your advice was good, I'm pushing myself far too much and need to relax, so got the day off work to calm myself a bit. How're you all doing today? Hope you've woken feeling good and that this sunshine is reaching out to everyone on here xxx


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