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Hi everyone hope it all ok. I woke up at half two with anxiety, tingling and a thumbing heart. Then this mothing my mate came in the bedroom chatting to me and she said Donna theres a big spider on ur duvet. I looked and it was big and I dived out of bed that quick I fell lol I took all my covers off the bed and put them in the was and still can't find it. So there's no chance of me sleeping in there to night lol xxx

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my OH is like you, she wont sleep in the room untill she KNOWS its out the house and can see its out lol. Im ok with the little uns, its the big Bs you find in the bath i hate lol xxx


Hi Donna,

Thats terrible, really dont like spiders either, I know they cant help being spiders lol but why are they so scary looking ?!!!

The other night my daughters room had loads of daddy long legs flying around as she had windows wide open and lights on well to me theyre like flying spiders lol so there we were panicking trying to swat them back outside , then my daughter started spraying hairspray everywhere lol must have looked a right couple of idiots !!

Mimii. :)


Donna , just seen this sorry

Well I am not bad with spiders , I actually dare get them

But having said that , if it was on my bed welll......yes I see where you are coming from

But will no doubt have run of some where by now

So I would give my bed a good inspection (using a magnifying glass ) & then i would pull everything out & get my attachments on my hoover & go in every corner & you will be safe

Bet its not there now hun



My mrs is like you, she woke me at 2am once just to get rid of it


Hi Donna

Worry no more cos incey wincey jumped into a taxi and arrived at mine. I let him in cos we have woodlice so he can stay here with me and you can have a good rest tonight love eve x


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