Not well again

Well I went to the doctor today and he performed an endoscopy. He didn't find anything wrong and just indicated that there was an inflammation in my throat and gave me some medicine. I felt so relief and happy, went to Burger King and finally enjoy a nice meal since I had loss my appetite in the last few weeks. However my mood changed completely when I received an email informing me that a colleague has passed away from cancer, that just destroyed any optimism of life for the day. I was diagnose with a hiatus hernia and now googling the possible complications it could bring even though I don't suffer any symptoms. She was such a lovely lady and very hardworking. I just wish life was not so unfair.


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  • First well done , & now you have to believe there is nothing wrong , having that done they can see everything & they have given you the all clear

    I am sorry to hear about your friend

    Please dont Google , if you do you will read something that will upset you & you are heading to make yourself feel worse

    Again if the hernia was causing problems then you would see a GP , but you say its not , lots of people have them & i have yet to hear someone having something bad go wrong , dont add to your fears by googling




  • Thank you whywhy for the reassurance. The only symptom I have is irritated throat but the doctor told me not to worry, it is just me constantly looking for something wrong in me. I am just surprised how little things could exacerbated my anxiety.

  • Hi

    i no , thats how Health anxiety affects us , all that suffer with it are the same (including me )

    There will be nothing wrong though , learning to change the way we think , is not easy , but with practice can be done , even though for me there is always a little bit lurking

    Hope you have a good day




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