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my weekend

Hi everyone i havent posted on here for a while but thought you would like to here about my crazy ass weekend. So on friday i went to my mate party as it was her birthday and stayed over and we smoked and drank and all that and woke up hen spent all morning on the saturday in the garden. When we went in to get a drink we found a bird trapped inside the consevatory and we trie to catch it and let it go out side but it got spoked and the more we were trying to catch it the faster it flew away for us and we saw it getting more distressed so we called the vet and the rspca nd they wouldnt do anything so we let it calm down a bit first and then we had to try again after about an hour and a half we finally caught the blackbird and as soon as it realised we were trying to take it back outside it calmed right down.

Second funny thing of the weekend i was gettng ready to go back home put most of my stuff in the car went to pick up the rest and went back to the car. went to get my keys out and realised that id looked them inside my car what a numpty i am right i bet this makes a fw of you giggle. so i called my mum and got her and her partner to come with a lock picking kit to try and break into my car but before they turned up i tried getting into it using screw drives and akkankeys u name it what ever fitted i gave it a try no success to then my mum and partner used a slim jim and that was trying for a good hour still no joy so i had to face facts and call my dad to bring over my spare keys and he laughed so hard at me i calle him off my mums phone which he is under her phone as twat that did really annoying me though ffs. then a couple of hours later he turned up with the keys and the tickets to the levity comedy festival that i was going to on saturday and because all the car drma i had to go on my own to this as rolf my partner had to wait for his daughter to come home from history in action.

well sunday i went to a family party for a ruby wedding anniversary which was quite good really had lots of food and drink there and plenty of games to keep the kids entertained. after dinner i played rounders with them and the kid did better than i did must just be out of practice since i havent played it since i left school. i also had to guess how mny sweets were in a jar and i one i guessed 127 and here was 126 so was onlty 1 out so i won them. s time go on everyone got more and more annoyed because we were meant to be leaving at about half six to get willow my step daughter in bed for 8 as it was a chool night but the later it got the more anoyed we got as i didnt drive there went with his mum and dad as i couldnt afford the petrol we eventually left at 7:30 and got home at about 9. and rolf was fuming i wasnt very happy but was thinking its the last two days of term its not like thre going to be doing much.

this morning just got up as usual and took willow to school as me and rolf both have the week off work got back and i started tidying upin the kitchen and upstairs got all the washing together. whilst rolf is snoozing on the sofa but hes want to make the most of today and tomorrow as we have willow for the rest of the week so his of to his mates later am not sreally sure what i should do though whilst hes there.

how is everyone? did you guys get upto anything interesting and funny this weekend?


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Hi little softy

Great to see you on here love

Gosh you have been busy :o

Love the name willow as well

We have been trying to find are way round our new home here :D

Makes it feel even more like home when people like you pop on :)





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