6months ago I coudn"t go my friends funeral & I felt I let her down, but my anxiety was so bad I would have been a mess, but things are changing, sadly tomorrow I will be going to my father in laws funeral ( who I loved very much ) but I do feel mentally stronger, I am still getting the horrible thoughts coming into my head but I can deal with them a lot better, thanking all who have & still are helping me it is greatly appreciated. xxxx

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  • Hi newton , I remember that post 6 months ago you did

    I am sorry about your father in law & I send my love to your lovely wife

    You have got a lot stronger & even though this is such sad circumstances , i am pleased you have posted , its good to see you on here & for those with doubts they can get better , your post proves you can

    My thoughts will be with you




  • hya whywhy, I am stronger because of the positive thoughts from you & others on here, still a long way to go but am determined to go the distance, going to the funeral and meeting family & friends was tough but it was like getting on the bottom rung of a ladder and starting to climb upwards.great to hear you again. xxxxxxx

  • We are stronger for having you on here as well Newton

    Yes I agree we all have to stay determined even though sometimes it can be hard

    I hope your wife is ok , must have been a hard day for her as well

    Love to you both


  • My thoughts are with you all to, take it easy on yourself xxxxx

  • thank you very much winter09, means a lot.

  • Hi newton I am fairly new to the community, i am sorry to hear you have lost your father in law . I lost my grandmother last year, it was such a shame as she was only 1 mnth away from her 100th birthday, an a party for her was planned. I was taken to her funeral , but it was terrible for me, as I was in a very bad way, I could barley stand, could not see for distorted vision and sweat dripped off me, You have made me look back, and see how far I have come, although still ill, I can stand even if it is weak and my vision is better than then . I really hope all goes well for you at the funeral.

    Take Care



  • t, thank you for your kind replyhank you bonnie, have just got from the funeral , was so much better this time, still very emotional but I feel a lot stronger now to cope, so sorry to hear about your grandmother, it would have been great for her to reach that magical number. hope you are still feeling strong

  • So sorry. X

  • thank you missd

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