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Anxiety near the ceiling

I've decided my husband and I need a good talk, he still hasn't spoken to me properly since last Sunday. This has sent every single one of my anxiety problems into overdrive, thinking I'm going to die, choking, hair in my mouth, not breathing, daren't go out, I'm useless, why does anyone like me, I have no friends ( I do really!). I am being so irrational I hate myself. I have no self esteem or self confidence.

I've always told him if I stop eating then things have got really bad, he hasn't even noticed.

I feel so alone.

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My heart goes out to you & I like you very much & your children love you very much

As for your husband , i try not to be to vocal as its a private thing between man & wife , but I can say for me , I wouldnt be with someone that made me feel that bad

I hope you have the courage to stand up to him , he sounds to be certainly adding to your anxiety

Did you get the blinds done today ?

You are doing better than you think , even though I no this must be twice as hard when someone is trying to drag you down

All what you are feeling is your anxiety , try & go with these feelings rather than fight them, its not easy ,but with practice can be done

We are here when you need us & you are worth been loved



Thank you xxxx

No the blinds didn't get done, the man needed to get his car



Winter , we are hear love stay strong , you will get through this

Talk on here , it will help

O never mind , it doesnt sound like you were in the mood for the blinds anyway today

Let us no if you don have that chat & will be thinking about you



He sounds ............ love to you


Hi Winter

I hope your feeling better, my OH cares not one jot about my anxiety and just dismisses it as "I'm a worrier"

My family don't get it either, my is a bit anxiety about his health but never discusses it ever so I know how it is to feel alone.

I'm sure there is someone there who cares about you, it's just about finding the right person



Winter I am on my own , no hubby ,just a ex husband who is a total idiot, in fact he physically and mentally abused me for years, until I got rid of him, but the damage was done. you are loved very much here and your children love you. It is not for me to tell you what to do, but have you looked at what may cause your anxiety to go through the roof. Get a sheet of paper when your on your own and do two columns one negative and one positive, wright under each what are the positive things in your life and what are the negative, include power zappers , also who gives to you and does not expect anything in return,




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