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Back in the Saddle Again

Hi people,

Just decided to communicate with the outside world, had to pick the week of the system upgrade and out of area servers don't help but I have finally created an account and for me taken a big step trying to share my problem and thoughts with others to see if there is an answer.

I have managed to survive just on medication alone for 5years, now a job change and it's all come back. That wonderful circle anxiety, stress, anger. How can you control it and stop hurting the ones you love? I know they want to help but ... well I think some of you understand and have been there and can supply some advice.

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Hello and welcome, it is very hard for our loved ones to understand it if they haven't been there there selves. I find it easy to talk on here as we all understand each other. I always say wen anxiety is with me that I've just got to roll with it. Easyer said then done at times. I used to fight it think of it all the time. To get out the circle of it, just let it come try and stay carm (easier said then done again) my partner doesn't understand how it feels but is very supportive. Wishing u well xxx


Thank you,

I am also stretching out, and like you have a very supportive partner, actually more helpful than some of my very close relatives. I am also lucky and have a good friend who is also a sufferer, we bounce off one another but I still find it very hard. I always think I am hurting them, causing them the same pain by involving them, that I feel when that circle engulfs me.

The medication I am now taking has really helped me, but I still find anguish and want an escape just to help the others.

Shalom xxx


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