At Last I have found you

Good News.

I have been loooking for you all for ages.Things have got much gooder for me just lately.I now have a lady with a nice one who comes and takes me out shopping in it once a week.The doctor has kept an eye on my tablets and things have been much better.

It is so nice to see you all again and I will write a much longer one soon

Love to you all and missed you xxx

3 Replies

  • Hi OAP

    You have done very well finding us , well done , its a struggle , so pleased you have got here

    Good news having someone to take you shopping

    Look forward to hearing more when you feel up to it




  • Hello. good to hear you are doing better. Take care in the hot weather x

  • Hi nice to meet you, I joined the site recently . That is nice having someone to take you shopping. I cant take this heat, I don't no about you but it has given such a painful head, I will be glad when it cools down.

    Take care



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