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Tonight's CBT

Thank you to everyone who posted on my horrendous day Blog/Post, I tried to answer back but it kept saying I needed a title or something?

Anyway I finished work by the skin of my teeth and went straight to CBT, feeling much calmer than earlier on and I'm hoping I fall straight to sleep when I go to bed, I've had enough panic and adrenaline in my body for one day.

Thanks for all the wise words today guys, I've have literally moaned this whole day lol.

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully much better than today, surely couldn't be any worse


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Dont worry Ashley , I dont no where I have replied today , I dont think we will notice if someone doesnt reply lol

Yes you needed 140 letters to reply earlier , I gave up at that stage :-D

You moan away if it helps & I am pleased after you CBT you seem better & like you say tomorrow is another day & hoping its a better one for all that need it





Glad t your day ended better


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