For Roose and WHY -I AM

GOOD night Vienna,

You city of a million melodies

Our hearts are thrilling to the strains that you play

>From dawn till the daylight dies.

Goodnight Vienna,

Where moonlight fills the air with mystery

And eyes are shining to the gypsy guitars

That sing to the starry sky.

Enchanted city of Columbine and Pierrot,

We know the magic of your spell,

Of our romances, you’re the hero,

Now is the time to say farewell.

Goodnight Vienna,

Now lovers kiss beneath your linden tree

The world is waiting on the edge of the day

Just waiting to say goodnight.

Peace and happiness to all my friends on Anxiety uk



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9 Replies

  • Aww thank you, Bertty!!! Sleep well, hugs




  • It has been a pheasant Rose.But whywhy well I am just dissipated now.



  • Bertty just testing to see if this sends or not

    Dont give up hun we will soon be back together :-(


  • Bertty I am here only just o hun , I will contact you later , by you no what , just doing a cake

    Missing you & thank you for our song


  • Lovely song choice :)

  • I still prefer The Ying Tong Song (diddley aye foo!) by The Goons

  • Well surprise , surprise , I just knew you would lol

    Good news though grog Bertty has found us & is in good voice ;-)

    Wow I saw a photo this morning staring at me when I switched on something , goodness wondered what I had got up to ;-)


  • Well that is quite amazing.We must have switched on the same thing.

    I saw a photo of this most handsome man with rippling muscles and the physique of Rambo.Lucky chap!



  • Really lol

    I really do need to get out again & get to spec savers lol


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