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Update on the swap-over

Just to say that we (HealthUnlocked) are in the middle of transferring the site over to the new version. That was supposed to happen yesterday but it had to be delayed for technical reasons. It should happen today or tomorrow. Either way the plan is still as described here:

One thing worth noting is that in the new site being part of more than one group in HealthUnlocked is going to be easier. You'll have a newsfeed (a bit more like Facebook) where you can see all the communities/information you're following or part of.

So for those of you who have 'emigrated' to NZ, you can be part of both communities very easily - no need to book those expensive flights quite yet...

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I'm afraid all of our energies are focused on the technical side of things so sorry if we are not answering questions/comments particularly quickly...


Thanks, Matt - that will save on air fares! ;)



Yippee,not really losing the site And it will be easier,

Thank you Matt.


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